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I Will Follow You


"Good luck" I said as he threw his last bag in the car.

"You know it's not too late to come with" he told me, "Ever since we met you've been my good luck charm"

"Rors, pretty sure you're just that good" I said crossing my arms with a chuckle, "You'll be just fine"

He stood in front of me on the front step of his house in Florida with his hands shoved in his pockets and his hat covering his shaggy curly hair, "You sure? Because you can finally meet Caroline"

Of course.

I sighed. Caroline was Rory's girlfriend of about two years now, a big shot tennis player. She was beautiful, nice, talented, but there was just something about her that I didn't like for him. But he was completely in love with her and there was nothing I could say to change that. It’s hard to believe I’ve never met her in two years, but anytime she was around, I was back home, or working, and anytime I’ve been around when he’s playing, she’s off playing somewhere too. We just never crossed paths, and I honestly liked it that way. But I would never tell him.

"You don't need me there if she's there. You'll be fine"

He sighed this time, "You keep making excuses. It’s been two years."

"Rors I promise, it's not about that. I have a lot of work to do"

I could tell he didn't believe me, but he didn't say anymore about it, "Fine. I'll see you on Monday then?"

"I'll be here"

I watched him climb into the car and pull out with one last wave out the window. I walked back into the empty house and fell down on the couch in the living room.

Rory and I have been friends for the past three years. When I first met him in Belfast, I had every intention of dating him, and he felt the same way. We hung out, we made out, we were great, and I liked him a lot. But then his career was becoming bigger than he was, he traveled, I went to school and he met Caroline.

Through all that time, my feelings slowly dissolved and I dated and had my relationships but anytime it all went to hell, it always came back to him. He was always the one I wanted. He's still the one I want.

When he sold his house back in Ireland and moved here, my schooling was done, so I moved to Florida with him, and he's now one of the best friends I've ever had.

"You just need to tell him" my mother said over the phone, "He needs to know"

"There's no point mom, he's blinded by love. I'll never break that"

My mom was back home in New York, and was always a fan of Rory’s, for me. I gave up on it when his relationship with Caroline got serious. My mom still pushes me to try and fight for him, but I know when to quit.

"He's your best friend, he'll understand"

"Can we not talk about this mom? I called you to help me figure out this damn Blu-Ray player you sent me" I said with a sigh of frustration as yet another wire didn’t fit where I thought it should.

"It's really not that difficult darling, I put all the instructions in there. I have to go grab my lasagna from the oven, I'll talk to you later" before I could respond, she hung up and I gave up trying to hook it up to my tv. It was late anyways, and I just needed to sleep, but my phone interrupted that attempt.

Rory, 11:47pm: Hey Ells! Just wanted you to know I got here okay.

Me, 11:53pm: Good to know! It's already too quiet without you around.

Rory, 12:01am: I did make you an offer! No complaining allowed.

Me, 12:03am: I know, I know. Go to bed, you have to play tomorrow.

Rory, 12:07am: Alright mom, haha. I'll talk to you soon. Bye Ellie Bear.

Me, 12:08am: Goodnight, and never call me that again :)

I cleared the conversation and I was suddenly awake. I grabbed my laptop and began looking at pictures. I went back all the way to Belfast, when things seemed so much simpler. He knew how I felt, and I knew how he felt and it was easy. Why can’t it just be easy again?
Instead, he’s got it easy with someone else, happier with someone else, and I’ve been replaced.