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I Will Follow You


I heard the door open on Monday night and I stood up from the couch to greet him at the door, hoping Caroline hadn’t decided to accompany him back. When I saw him, alone, I was relieved.

“How’d it go?” I asked.

“It was alright” he replied, dropping his bag on the floor, “I’ve had better games. Ended with +2”

“That’s not bad” I shrugged, “How’s Caroline?”

“She’s good” he sighed, “She’s gone back home for a bit, she’s supposed to be coming down next weekend though”

My stomach turned, “That’s neat! I’ll finally meet her”

“Your sarcasm is showing” he said brushing past me and taking off his hat.

“Rory, it’s been two years, I know you love her, it’s about time I meet her” I did my best to be completely sincere about it, and I think he bought it.

“Really?” he took a step back towards me, “Because that would be perfect. We’ll do dinner or something”

“Sounds like fun” I gave him a quick smile and then turned back to the kitchen.

“How was your weekend?” he asked from around the corner.

“It was fine” I said, “Mom sent me a Blu-Ray player and I still can’t figure out how to hook it up. I’m obviously technically challenged”

I heard him laugh and then he appeared around the corner, “I’m sure I can figure that out for you”

“Good” I sighed, “Because I was going to make you do it anyways if you said no”

He laughed again, “Oh I know Ells”

He sat at the island and I searched through the cupboards, trying to find something to snack on, but even in this huge kitchen, nothing was standing out to me.

“Do we need to take a drive?” he asked, noticing my frustration.

“If there is ice cream involved, then yes we do”

He grabbed the keys and I slipped my phone in my pocket as I followed him out the door. We drove to Sloan’s, a local ice cream parlour. Of course, I got Mint Chocolate Chunk, but he didn’t get anything.

“You’re not getting anything?” I said surprised, as I put a spoonful in my mouth.

“No. I ate a lot over the weekend, I probably should avoid it”

I stared at him as I put another spoonful in my mouth, “You sure?”

He smirked, “You’re awful”

“You can have a bite” I told him. I lifted the spoon up with some ice cream on it, and he leaned in and took it off the spoon. I let go and left him to take the spoon out, “Worth it, right?” I asked.

He shrugged, “It was alright” I gave him a look and he just laughed as he passed the spoon back, “It was amazing. Best I’ve ever had” he said, with a hint of sarcasm.

“That’s better” I replied. He smiled a bit, and I let out a chuckle.

“Thank you” I said as we climbed back into the car, “You’re officially my favorite person in the history of life”

He laughed, “Wow. I’m honored”

I looked over and caught his smile and I felt my heart drop into my stomach. He looked over and I turned my head quickly, scooping more ice cream into my mouth, “What?” he asked.

“Nothing” I said, and he didn’t ask any more about it.

We arrived back at the house and I threw my ice cream container into the trash and took a glance at the clock, it was only after 10.

“I think I’m going for a swim” I told him, “Want to join?”

“I’m tired” he said, “I think I’m just going to get some sleep”

I shrugged, “Suit yourself. Night”

I already had my swimsuit on underneath my shorts and t-shirt, so I slipped them off and tossed them on the couch, while I heard him go up the stairs. I went out the back door and stood at the edge of the pool, staring down at my reflection. I took a deep breath and dove in and felt the cool water rush over my body. I came up, taking a breath of fresh air and I leaned against the edge of the pool. I looked around and took it all in. It was hard to believe I lived here, that he let me live here with him. Before my mind began to wander to other things, I took a deep breath and dove back underwater, where my thoughts couldn’t catch me.
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I'm sorry that these tend to be shorter chapters, it will get better, I promise!