No Place I'd Rather Be

Chapter Six

Days passed since Jo's graduation and James had revealed to her that he was staying for another week before heading home to Whitby. She was glad that he was extending his stay because she just couldn't imagine being all alone again for a long time.

While he was having fun being around Jo, the brief confrontation James had with her brother gnawed at his brain. He wanted to tell her about it but was afraid that she would get upset. He didn't want to ruin the good times they were having especially when he only had a few days left with her. He would ask her questions about him every now and then which left her still completely oblivious to what happened before their lunch.

James put that in the back of his mind and thought about the present. He figured that conversation will soon come up but not right now.

Jo had been lazily scrolling through channels while snuggled up next to James on her couch. They decided to take a lazy day after a couple of days of roaming the city, going to the movies, window shopping, and even visiting the famous Hollywood sign. Jo immediately added their picture together by the sign to her collection of photos on her tv shelf, right next to the picture of her and her best friend.

James traced circles on her bare shoulder. Much like the one she was wearing at Coachella, she had on a yellow tank top.

"Hey," he started, pulling her out of the daze she was in from scrolling through the endless channels.

"Hmmm," she hummed in reply.

"How does your dad feel about Edith?" He asked.

Jo stopped scrolling and put the remote control down, "Edith? My best friend?"

He nodded.

"Hm, I don't know," she shrugged. "He doesn't say much about my friends really. I mean, she used to spend our summer vacation at my house when we were in high school but my dad never said anything about it. Why do you ask?"

Might as well get one thing off your chest.

"Well, when your dad and I talked during your graduation, he mentioned that him and your mom tried to warn you about her."

Jo looked confused and waited for him to elaborate.

"It seems like he couldn't even remember her name."

She rolled her eyes. "I think he's still a little mad over the fact that she missed my 21st birthday. My parents threw this big party and was counting on Edith to help them set it up. She helped but never showed up. I don't blame her though. She had two major exams the next day. Even I would miss my own party if that happened."

"He said that she missed all your birthdays."

"OK, here's the thing," she sighed, "my parents don't really approve any of my friends unless they were the ones that picked them out for me. They think I don't make 'good decisions.' Go figure."

Just say it!

"What about your brother?"

"What about my brother?" She retorted.

"Does he approve any of your friends?"

"I don't give a shit about what my brother thinks." She replied. "Did he say anything to you?"

James stayed quiet.

"Oh my God, he did!" She cried out.


"Please tell me what he said. I'm so sorry if he said anything bad about you."

"Me?" He said, puzzled. "He was lucky I didn't give him the right hook after the shit he said about you!

Jo let out a sigh of relief. "Oh thank God."


She snuggled closer to him, "I can handle anything he says about me but if he said anything remotely offensive towards you, he has another thing coming."

"Jo, is he really that bad? It doesn't seem like you two get along."

"It's always been that way. I just stay out of his business and he stays out of mine."

"I don't know, Jo...I didn't like what he was saying about you."

"What'd he say?" She pressed. He hesitated to answer.

"I can handle it, James. I'm sure it's nothing I haven't heard before."

"He just said that you're lucky that you're dating someone who's rich."

Jo burst out laughing. She was laughing so hard that she had tears in her eyes and her stomach ached. James was so confused, just staring down at her.

"I don't get it, what's so funny?"

When she finally calmed down, she said, "He is so freaking jealous. It's so hilarious. OK, my brother is like the biggest Sharks fan. He's been ever since he's had his heart set on going to Berkeley, near San Jose and everything. He's just mad that I'm hanging out with a guy in the NHL and he's not."

"Are you sure it's just jealousy?" He asked.

"Positive." She confirmed.

After a few minutes of silence, Jo turned to James once again. "You know I'm not keeping you around just because of your money right?"

"Of course." James said without hesitation.

"You know that I wouldn't date you just for your money or your fame right?"

James laughed at that one.

"I'm serious! I swear I had no idea who you were when I forced a conversation upon you at the festival." She rambled. "Oh God, you're probably so offended that I didn't know you. You're famous and...ugh, I just don't watch enough sports."

Slap yourself, Jo!

"Ugh, that probably just turned you off. I'm sure you want a girl who watches hockey and would go to all your games. I mean, I'd go to all your games but it might take me awhile to know about the game and--"

"Babe, you're rambling again." Jo's heart skipped a beat when he called her babe. "I already know all that. You don't have to explain yourself. I wouldn't be here if I knew you were in it for the money and I don't care if you don't know a damn thing about hockey. We have so much time together to learn about it. I'll even teach you how to skate."

"I'm sorry for being so manic all the time," she apologized, "It's my way of warning people of what they're getting themselves into by being with me."

"You want me to be with you?" James smirked.

Jo grabbed a throw pillow and smacked him with it. "As if it wasn't obvious!"

He grabbed the pillow from her hand and kissed her lips. She always tasted so sweet like candy. In their days together, all the kissing they've done, James learned something new about the way she kissed. Sometimes she would bite on his bottom lip and would follow it up with a lick. Those were for their long, makeout sessions though. Sometimes he would test to see if she'd let him sneak in his tongue by licking his top lip and she'd always smile right before she'd allow him. He even learned that she loved kisses on the neck and on the back of the ear--whether if it was him doing it to her or vice versa.

"I think you should come and visit me in Whitby." He suggested when they pulled away.

"You think so?" She bit her lip. "You don't think it's too soon?"

"I think we're far beyond too soon, Jo."

"We'll see." She teased before leaning in for another kiss.
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