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The Libra Fell in Love With the Virgo

Bookshops and Art Galleries

"No, no, no Ann go have fun. Seriously don't worry about me. I could use a couple days in one place. We've been on the road for two weeks. A couple nights in a bed with a hot shower sounds wonderful. As much as I like hiking a sleeping at the top of waterfalls in tents and hammocks I promised we'd have fun with living people in the city remember?" I laughed at the sound of excitement in my best friend's voice on the other end of the line.

"Thank you so much Jasey! I'll make it up to you! Wait are you sure you don't want to come with us? We're just going sight seeing around the city. And possibly back to Jake's for drinks later." Ann seemed worried. Maybe she had a right to be. I hadn't been very honest about why we took this trip. Plus I'd be extremely introverted since the moment we got out of our hometown's city limits.

"I'm fine love. Call me if you need anything. I'm just going to check out some campuses and maybe an art gallery or two. Enjoy your day. And be safe! I don't want to have to get arrested this far from home because some stupid cowboy, ya hear?" She laughed, promised to call to check in and disconnected. I slid my phone into the pocket of my torn up jeans.

"Can I get a vanilla carmel soy latte with an extra shot of white coffee please?" I ordered my coffee from the barista before looking around for a table. The cafe was filled with a lot of happy couples, laughing and exchanging opinions and theories on courses and professors with one another. Paying a little closer attention I realized all the couples were lesbians. The barista handed me my coffee with a gorgeous smile. I nodded and handed her a tip. "Thank you." I turned to see an empty seat by the wall. Walking slowly, I pulled a notebook from my bag and sat down. Removing my headphones from my chest pocket, I picked a station on pandora, sat down and looked around for some kind of inspiration to write about. You'd think that being surrounded by so much young love and excitement would be just what I was looking for. After what felt like forever I set my pen down and leaned back in my chair, taking a sweeping inventory of the people around me. The blonde two tables over kept laughing. Her curls falling perfectly over her slender shoulders. Her hand resting on the forearm of a girl dressed in lose fitting skinny jeans and a baseball shirt. The girl next to me kept running her hands through her hair and I could hear her girlfriend reassuring her that the paper she wrote was brilliant.

That's when I saw her. Headphones in, her head dropped at an angle to make it easier to read the book she was holding. Dark hair spilling in straight strands over her shoulders. The way she turned the page but didn't pull her eyes away from the words printed in the story she was holding. I wondered what kind of things she was trying to escape in the world of whatever land she was reading about. She reached up and tucked her dark hair behind her right ear in one fluid motion. I was captivated by the way her eyes scanned the words in front of her. I couldn't break my stare. She glanced at her watch quickly before she abruptly closed her book and put it in her bag before exiting the cafe. I stood and walked to the place she'd been sitting. Gazing out the window I watched her walk away at a slow and steady pace. Dropping my eyes to the table I realized she had dropped a book, I picked it up. Realizing it was a book on horoscopes, I opened it to the page marked. Virgo. I grabbed my bag and coffee and ran out the door after her.

"Excuse me ma'am!" I hollered after her as I got closer. She turned and pulled out one earbud. I jogged up to her. Fumbling for words when her eyes locked on mine. I held the book out. "You left this inside."

"Oh my god! Thank you so much. I would have been a little distraught when I realized this was missing." She gently took the book from my hand and placed it with the other in her bag. "Seriously though, thank you so much." She smiled and I nearly dropped my coffee.

"I'm Jasey." I managed to stutter out before extending my hand. Her eye brow went up and I'm assuming it was amusement. She took my hand. The warmth caught me off guard.

"I'm Cali." Her voice was hypnotic. "I'm headed to the art gallery down on 23rd. A friend of mine has a piece they are adding today." I nodded thinking this was goodbye. "Which way are you headed?" Her question caught me off guard.

"I'm actually not sure. My friend is out with some people she met last night at some party and I'm just killing time. Was going to try and find some book shops or art galleries to explore." My voice cracked and I tried not to wince. A sweet smile appeared on her face.

"Not from around here I take it?"

"No I'm just visiting for awhile." I admitted sadly.

"Well I can be your tour guide if you'd like? I know of some hidden old book shops and this gallery thing shouldn't take too long." I was caught off guard by her invitation.

"I'd love that!" I said a little too excitedly. "Err, if you don't mind that is." Smooth recovery.

"Follow me." I fell in step with her, silently admiring her from quick glances and quiet small talk.
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