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The Libra Fell in Love With the Virgo

Room keys and door ways

"So where are you visiting from if you don't mind me asking?" She hugged her back loosely to her chest as she took slow steps away from the cafe. I shook my head in an attempt to focus.

"I'm here from Washington." I admitted quietly.

"So why Texas then?" She glanced over at me and I dropped my eyes to the cracks on the sidewalk. I shrugged my shoulders.

"I needed to get away, turn my phone off and disappear. I've lived in the same place a large majority of my life. And I want to experience more." I paused before continuing. "My dad lives a few hours from here. So my friend Ann and I are going to visit him in a couple days. We stopped here due to exhaustion but something about this place made both of us want to stay for a couple extra days."

"It's all the women." She laughed and it echoed in my brain. Burning its way into my memory. "I'm just kidding. This place has a great energy. And so much to see and do. It's beautiful."

"Kinda like you?" I said bluntly. She smiled and nodded her head as if in a silent appreciation of the compliment.

"Okay, so we shouldn't be here too long. I just promised that I would atleast show up." She paused when I opened the door for her. "I'm just warning you that Grace can be a little eccentric. Please just ignore any.. Personal or crude questions and comments." I inhaled deeply and smiled in agreement.

"Cali darling you made it!" I heard ring from across the gallery. I was so mesmerized by the paintings on the walls that I wasn't paying much attention. "Well who is this... Gorgeous being?" When it sank in that she was talking about me I snapped back to reality. Grace smiled with a demanding brilliance. She was a star and she knew it. She extended a hand and I took it quickly, kissing her knuckles lightly. Before smiling softly.

"My name is Jasey. Pleasure to meet you. Cali was just telling me about your work." Grace was taken back by my charm. I looked over at Cali and she tried to cover a giggle.

"The pleasure is all mine!" Grace boomed. "Follow me."
Cali and I came out of the gallery a couple hours later. Filled with laughter and smiles. We were walking to my hotel so I could change. "That was awesome! Who knew you were such a charmer."

"What can I say? I'm a libra." I side stepped a person as we approached my door, then I went to step back closer to her as she made the same move. Causing us to collide. I reached out and grabbed her arm to keep her from falling over. I pulled her face to face, locking on to her eyes. Her eyes fell to my mouth and drifted back to my eyes. "Umm, what's next?" I asked before turning to continue walking. She stayed glued in place.

"What do you want to do?" She asked softly, still not moving. We were just feet from my door. I stared at my hands as I stepped closer to her. Now well within her personal space. I leaned in inches from her lips and hesitated.

"This." I paused for a couple seconds before closing the gap. Her mouth was soft and sweet. The warmth that transfered from her lips to mine gave me chills. I kissed her softly at first. Pulled her into me by her waist, her hands fell onto the back of my neck and twisted into my hair. I lost control and became increasingly needy. Kissing her deeper and more passionately. I shoved her into the door. Not breaking the lip lock as I fumbled with the key and getting the door open. As soon as the door was open she was pulling me inside. Fumbling with the locks behind me. I spun her quickly. Pushing all my weight into her as she collided with the wall again. Her hands traveled up the back of my shirt and her nails down my back as I found the sweet spot on her neck. Pinning her arms above her head my mind lost track of all common sense and I got lost in the moment.
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Well that's more or less a stepping stone chapter. Feedback? I'll get more in depth with the characters background stories soon. Plot twist coming.