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The Libra Fell in Love With the Virgo

Coffee and Sunshine

"So Jasey, what's the plan for today?" Jake asked while hugging Ann next to our car outside the hotel.

"First thing is first. I need coffee." I watched Cali and Megan walk across the parking lot laughing. Jake's friend walked over from the opposite direction. "Hey, I'm Jasey. I didn't catch your name last night."

"Man you showed us up last night. I'm Kyle." He smiled sweetly. His eyes fixed on the other side of the parking lot. I glanced in the direction he was watching and realized he was looking at Megan. He blushed when he noticed that I saw. I could feel him watching me admire Cali. "So you and Cali huh? She hangs out with us sometimes when Megan is around. I've never seen her with anyone before though."

"Yeah, I'm trying to figure her out." I looked at him. "Megan huh?" He frowned.

"I like her. But she doesn't know."

"Kyle she knows. She's just waiting for you to step up. Go say hi." He sighed and walked towards the girls. Cali started grinning when she saw me walking towards her. I hugged her tight when she got close enough.

"Wow," she grabbed my hand and nodded her head towards Kyle and Megan. "He's never approached her first." I shrugged. "She's been crushing on him since they were kids."

"Maybe he needed a little nudge." I smiled into her neck, pressing my lips against her neck softly.

"I missed you." She whispered. I'm not really sure I was supposed to hear her. I inhaled sharply, taking in her smell and the way she fit perfectly into my arms.

"Let's get coffee." I kissed her cheek and pulled her towards the car. "Hey, guess what?" I asked teasingly. She gave me a puzzled look. "You're undeniably beautiful." She laughed and pushed me softly. "No but seriously Cali. I like you." Her silence grew long and made me nervous. I looked at her and realized she was smiling.

"I like you Jasey." She replied. "Come on guys, there's a good coffee shop a couple blocks up." Ann and Jake fell into step next to us. Kyle and Megan right behind us. "So tell me more about you." Cali said while squeezing my hand. "Like? Do you have any siblings?" I nodded.

"I have a big family. I have five sisters and three brothers." I smiled. "My mom adopted a set of twins. Robby and Brittany. And she adopted Dani who just got married to her boyfriend of 10 years. They're all at university right now. Then there's my sister Ashley and I. Then Taylor and Rach. And the brothers Jared and Rex." I laughed. "I don't expect you to remember all that." She was quiet for a moment.

"Are you the oldest?"

"Of the blood siblings yes. But I'm the fourth oldest out of everyone." I paused. "I'm closest with Taylor. I practically raised her. Tay, Rach and Rex are the only ones who still live at home. The rest of us moved all over the country. For school or work." I sighed. "What else would you like to know?"

"What made you want to change?" She asked. Ann looked back at me and saw my facial expression.

"Hey, Jasey I forgot to tell you who I saw yesterday. I saw Alex and Maria." My stomach lurched up my throat then dropped again.

"Where?" I asked a little too harshly and Cali noticed.

"They were playing with the band at a bar outside of campus." She paused then added quickly, "I don't think they saw me though."

"Good for them." I didn't mean it but tried to sell it.

"Who are they?" Cali asked quietly.

"People that Ashley and I used to hang out with." I responded vaguely. "Coffee. Yes!" I said trying to change the subject as we approached the door to another cafe. We all ordered our respected drinks and walked back to the cars. I texted Ann and told her to take Jake to grab our hiking gear from the hotel room. Coffee and sunshine is what we all needed.
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