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The Libra Fell in Love With the Virgo

Stars and Ghosts

"Jasey! Jasey hurry up!" Cali sounded frantic. I heard her voice coming from my right. "Jasey! Help!" I sprinted in the direction her voice was coming from. My muscles aching in protest. I pushed harder, ducking and weaving through the branches. My left foot slipped on a rock. My body pitched forward and I hit the cold ground hard enough to knock the wind out of me. I lifted my hand out of the puddle in front of me. The moonlight glistened on the dark liquid covering my shaking hand. I scrambled to my feet tripping and falling into a tree. Blood drenching the front of my shirt. I searched around me to try and find the source. "Jasey! Please help!" I stumbled forward towards her pleas. I made it to the edge of the woods when I saw them standing there. Panic stricken I stopped in my tracks. Cali was gripped on the edge of a bridge in front of me. Holding her by the front of her sweatshirt was Maria. Standing on the opposite end was Alex holding Ashley in the same manor as Cali. I walked towards them. Slowly.

"You don't have to do this." My voice cracked. My stare darting back and forth between Alex and Maria. "Please."

"Oh but we do." Alex called.

"You have to decide, let go of Ashley and save your pretty lady. Or save your blood and flesh. The other half of you." Maria pushed Cali back almost causing her to lose her footing.

"You can't have them both." Alex's voice tore through the night air. My heart was pounding so hard my ears hurt. I looked down at my feet as I felt the gap between the boards under my weight. I stopped. I couldn't walk onto the bridge. My head jerked up as I heard Ashley and Cali scream. I sprinted to the middle and dove in. Not even thinking about the fact that I really cant't swim very well. I hit the water, I inhaled as the cold gripped me. Water rushing around me I didn't think I could find the surface. When I did I was blinded for a moment. Panicking I looked around frantically.

"Jasey!" I spun to the left. I saw Ashley thrashing around. I looked to my right. And saw Cali floating face down. "Help her!" Ashley called out. My chest started constricting as my muscles cramped. I looked back at Ashley as desperation set in. I started swimming towards Cali. I grabbed her arm and pulled her towards the water's edge. Dragging her limp body onto shore. I scanned the water for Ashley but couldn't find her. Sobbing hysterically I started compressions on Cali. She wasn't responding, my hands shaking I started screaming at Cali to wake up. She coughed up water. I hugged her and was bawling uncontrollably.

"Jasey, wake up." She mumbled. "Wake up."
I fell backwards gasping. "Are you okay? Baby? Look at me! It's okay. I'm here now." Her arms wrapped around me dragging me backwards. "Jasey?" My head was throbbing and my body stung all over.

"What's going on?" I whispered.

"I woke up and you were gone. So I went searching for you and found you here." I looked around, we were sitting 25 yards from a cliff. She gripped me tighter.

"Where are we?" I turned to face Cali. My body screaming in protest. I looked down, blood covering my arms and legs. I reached to my forehead and winced, glancing at my hand as I realized there was more blood.

"Suicide rock." She said as her eyes widened at the sight of my face. My stomach dropped. I fell sideways as I pitched up everything in my stomach.

"Cali?!" I heard voices ringing from the trees. "Jasey?!"

"Over here!" Cali shouted holding back my hair. "It's gonna be okay Jasey. You're going to be okay." The group ran up, stopping feet away when they registered the amount of blood on me. "Help me get her to the car." They tried to pull me to my feet.

"No, let me do it." I pushed Jake away. Pushing myself to my feet even though my body was weak. I stumbled on my step forward and Cali caught me. I gently pushed her aside and limped on.

"Let me help you?" Cali pleaded. I shook my head. I was punishing myself for not saving both of them. "You've lost a lot of blood. Please?" I looked at Cali and she put my arm around her shoulder. Leaning on her we made our way back to the car. "We need to check out your wounds." She eased my pants off. I watched her try and keep her face composed. She removed my sweatshirt, very carefully. Her eyes grew panicked. "You need stitches, we have to take you to the hospital." My first thought was the last time this happened. Last time I wandered off in my sleep.

"No!" I nearly shouted. Cali began to protest. Ann interrupted.

"She can't do that Cali." Cali started freaking out. "They'll lock her up again. This time for years." Cali looked at me for the truth. I nodded.

"Do you have fishing line and a hook?" Jake dug through a bag in his truck and held up the items. I inhaled deeply. "Boil some water and sterilize the hook." I directed calmly. "Do we have anymore alcohol?" Megan handed me a bottle and towel. "Cali, leave. I don't want you to see this." She took the bottle and towel from my hand and kissed for forehead.

"I'm helping." She opened the bottle, took a swig and handed it to me. I did the same before she took it back. She hesitated, looking me in the eyes. Then poured some on my wounds. I screamed as the alcohol mixed with blood. Ann brought me the hook and line. My hands were shaking as I stitched up both my legs. I took another drink before stitching the last gash on my left bicep. I looked at Cali before asking her to tigh off the end.

"I'm done. But I need clothes and food." Cali helped me into the front seat and we all drove into town. Jake and Kyle carried me to the room.

"She needs to take a shower." Ann said softly as everyone sat down silently. Sadness and fear thick on everyone's face. "Come on babe." She said turning on the shower.

"I'll do it." Cali said looking at Ann who nodded. "Come on baby." She walked me into the bathroom, closing the door. She lifted her face as she peeled away my clothes, tears falling down her face. She pulled her own clothes off. Sitting me down in the bottom of the shower. She sat with me, carefully rubbing the dirt and blood off my skin with a wash rag. "I've known you for three days." She paused. "I love you." Her eyes locked on mine.

"I love you." I said before wincing. The water stung. Cali cleaned me up and helped me get dressed. Carrying me to the bed. Everyone was staring.

"Jasey? What happened?" Ann asked. Silence hung heavily because I didn't have the answer. "This hasn't happened since.." Her eyes grew wide. "Since the time you were drugged at that party and you went to the bridge."

"I haven't done drugs since that night." I thought back to the bar. "Maria." I said before looking at everyone. "She set her beer next to mine on the bar. I grabbed one of them on the way out."

"She drugged you?" Cali asked. "I'm going to kill her."

"I had a dream." Everyone grew silent as I explained my dream. "And that's when I woke up." I looked at the clock. "Y'all have class." They began to protest.

"I can handle her. Go to class we aren't going anywhere." Ann explained. They all left with the exception of Cali. Ann went outside to give us privacy.

"I'll be okay." Cali placed her hand on my face. I placed mine over hers.

"But I don't want to leave you." She sighed.

"I want you to go to class. I'll be okay." I paused. "Look I love you." I said softly. "I'm not leaving. Go to class." She kissed me carefully and I kissed back harder. Hungry for her touch. She pulled me into her. I winced and she stood up quickly.

"I'm so sorry!" I shook my head telling her it was okay before pulling her back and kissing her. She left hesitantly. Ann and I got to a diner and ate lunch.

"You need pain killers. I can't watch you hurt like this." I argued and said I just needed alcohol. She drove me to the liquor store. Walking as straight as I possibly could I bought two bottles of vodka. Ann drove me back to our room and we drank. I told her my dream in explicit detail. "You saved Cali." She stated. "Tell me. There's a connection. More than emotion. More than meets the eye. Tell me. I know you. Is this what Ashley told us about the night she died?"

"I think so." I told her all about Cali and how I feel and every thought and feeling I've had since I met her. Stars and ghosts hanging in my words.
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