Status: This is a fanfiction of the TV series Merlin. I hope it can hold a candle to the actual series. Enjoy!

Woven Magic

After defeating Morgana (a powerful sorceress and high priestess) and her forces, King Arthur of Camelot is wounded in battle by Mordred. The prophecy warned Merlin, a young warlock and loyal servant to King Arthur, that Mordred the Druid boy would be Arthur's destruction. But in fighting for his friend's life and revealing to Arthur that he has magic, he calls upon his ancient comrade, Kilgharrah the dragon. It has always been Merlin's destiny to protect Arthur, and he refused to let him down in his darkest hour. He knows that with no successor to inherit Arthur's thrown in Camelot and no wife to pass rule to, Camelot will be vulnerable and at high risk of seize. While the prophecy said that Mordred would be his destruction, it was also prophesied that Arthur would bring about the future of Albion. How is Arthur and Merlin supposed to assure that if Arthur is deceased? Merlin always finds a way. In the knack of time, with a little help from Kilgharrah, Merlin successfully delivers Arthur to the Lake of Avalon where he is revived and Camelot will be returned their great King once again. But what neither of them know is that there are greater trials ahead of them and they will require the help of some highly skilled and powerful new allies.

Upon hearing the news that her daughter Morgana has been defeated by the hand of Arthur, Sorshen the Runelord of Lust seeks revenge for her top soldier of dark magic. What she didn't count on was that her most powerful creation Mystra Goodwich, being the daughter of a Druid and a Runelord, will uncover the truth of her mother's plans. Setting out on a journey to aid Arthur and his protector who the Druids call Emrys, Mystra will have to seek apprenticeship within the walls of Camelot to hone the power of her magic. But she will need all of the support she can gather. She will need to seek the help of the most power warlock that is and ever will be.

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  1. Camelot Bound
    After four long days, Mystra and her life long friend Malle have journeyed through harsh lands for one destination alone. Camelot. WC:1985
  2. The King's Servant
    Mystra finally meets Merlin. WC: 2192
  3. The Sorcerer's Apprentice
    Will Mystra convince Merlin to teach her the ways of magic? WC:1618
  4. Clashing of Armor
    what will happen after Mystra's leak of knowledge? A duel pursues on the practice field. WC:2483
  5. Apprentice Training Part I
    The first piece of the puzzle is complete. WC:2142
  6. The Feast
    A celebration to welcome the new army generals of Camelot. WC:6623
  7. Apprentice Training Part II
    Potions and such WC:3204
  8. Side Effects
  9. Chapter Nine
    And now we wait. WC:2515