Sequel: OHSHC Storylines

Seven Minutes in Heaven: Ouran High School Host Club

Tamaki was in an unusually happier mood today. Dancing around, he was having everyone place an item on their person into a bag from one of the cosplay sets. The chairs having been set in a circle in the large spacious Music Room, Tamaki stood in the center, pointing a finger at everyone. 

“I want to play a game. The objective of this game is to be locked in the supply closet for seven minutes.” He thrust a hand into the air. “I want everyone to have fun!” Then he scowled. “And of you men who try to take my daughter away from me you are dead, do you hear, DEAD!” 

Haruhi’s face fell. Everyone gasped. Whispers went around, but Haruhi shushed them. “It’s not true. Tamaki’s just losing his mind.” She smiled. “I don’t mind being locked in a closet as long as I’m with one of you lovely ladies.” All of the girls swooned and Tamaki sank into his emo corner. 

Kyoya was not going to let him slack off on this. Grabbing him by his arm, he dragged Tamaki back into the center. “Please continue what you started. I am not taking over for you in the least.”

“But Mommy, our little girl doesn’t want me to be her Daddy.” Tamaki’s eyes were overflowing with tears.

Whacking him atop the head with his binder, Kyoya glared at his friend. “I don’t care, now get back to…this” He waved a hand at the room full of girls, plus several of the boys from some of the other classes. 

Nodding, Tamaki lifted his voice. “Alright! Let the game begin!”