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The Way You'll Love Me

Far Away

Over the course of the following few months, Jack and Alex got used to having Destiny around, and Destiny got used to having Jack and Alex around. The young puppy trained very easily, and no problems were had with her after almost a year. She had taken a liking to her new environment and her new owners, Alex in particular.

It was not as if Destiny did not love Jack, because she did, and he loved the puppy, as well. The growing husky just had a different relationship with Alex, one that even made Jack’s heart swell at the sight of the two together. She would wait at the door until Alex came home, and then curl up on his lap for the rest of the night, no matter how big she was getting. Whenever Alex would leave their house, she would demand that he would bring her, and whine if he refused.

Destiny had become almost like a child to the couple, so when Jack thought he had made a detrimental mistake one summer afternoon, he knew the results would not be taken lightly.

Jack had quite an exhausting day, and was more than ready to retire home for the night with his boyfriend. Driving home silently, Jack daydreamed about how his evening would play out, and by the time he was nearing his and Alex’s street, he was well past excited to settle down for bed with said man. Hopping out of his car and bounding up their front steps, Jack smiled to himself, thinking it was funny that the prospect of a good sleep was what gave him the most energy. He was not greeted by Destiny when he opened the door, and, figuring she was asleep somewhere in the house, Jack headed upstairs to change.

After changing into a more comfortable T-shirt and a pair of baggy sweat pants, Jack reemerged downstairs once more, with plans to feed Destiny. He did not find the pup in her usual spot, so he continued on throughout the house, looking around and calling out for her. The unresponsiveness Jack was met with was quite unusual, and it was only a matter of a few more minutes until Jack started to truly panic.

As he raced past the front door, Jack halted in his haste. The front door was left swung open from when he had arrived home earlier. He had forgotten to close it, probably figuring he would do it when he came down from upstairs, after he had ascended up the stairs so eagerly earlier on. Peeking his head out of the door hesitantly, Jack slid down against the wall as he noticed that he had left the gate open, too.

The idea of Destiny getting out was quite concerning to Jack, because anything could happen to her. She had gotten off of her leash a couple times, though, but had always managed to return to Jack and Alex, as she never really wanted to leave the pair. What scared Jack the most would be Alex’s reaction, actually, as he was much less level-headed than Jack was. He would go past realizing that the husky would not be far, and he would focus on all of the dangers that could be out there, leaving Jack to deal with a very petrified Alex.

So, Jack did what every good dog owner and boyfriend would do, and slipped on a pair of shoes to set out looking for Destiny. He walked around their neighbourhood for about three hours, and the sun was finally starting to set when he decided to return home, figuring Alex would be looking for both him and Destiny.

Just as he was arriving home, Alex’s car was pulling into the driveway, and Jack was holding his breath. He knew he would have to tell Alex what had happened eventually, so he decided to do it right then and there.

As Alex was opening his door, Jack called out, “Alex!” And jogged over to him.

“Hey, Jack.” Alex smiled, standing up on his toes to press a kiss to Jack’s cheek.

“I, uh, have something to tell you, babe.” Jack stuttered, feeling ever so defeated that he would have to break his beau’s heart like this. Maybe the pet name would lessen the blow?

“Yeah, sure, just hold on a second.” Alex replied, “Let’s bring Destiny inside while you talk.”

With that, Alex was opening the back seat of the car, leaving a very dumbfounded Jack in his place. Before he knew it, their puppy was leaping out of the car, following Alex as he called, “Come on, girl!”

“Where did you take her?” Jack asked, as he walked through the door after the two others.

“To the groomer’s, silly. You’re the one who booked the appointment, remember? She got her teeth cleaned, too,” Alex hummed, setting his stuff down and walking over to Jack.

“Oh,” Jack mumbled, cursing himself and his forgetfulness.

“Now, what was it you had to tell me?” Alex then asked, his arms lifting up and going around Jack’s neck.

“Um, nothing,” Jack responded, his hands moving to Alex’s waist, “It doesn’t matter. Nevermind,”

Pouting, Alex questioned, “No, come on, really. Tell me!”

“It’s really nothing,” Jack sighed, before he realized Alex would not let it go. “Fine. I totally forgot that you were taking Destiny out today, and I thought she ran away. I was scared,”

To Jack’s surprise, Alex giggled at his confession. “Like I said earlier, you’re silly. Shows you not to leave the doors open, huh?”

Jack nodded in response, accepting the kiss that Alex gave him.

“Hopefully you’re not going to be this irresponsible when we decide we want kids,” Alex joked, only to have Jack raise his eyebrows before him. “We’ll talk about it soon, yeah?” Alex continued, “There’s a lot more things we need to sort out first, though.”

“Yeah,” Jack breathed, “It’s amazing.”

Alex laughed in reply, smile taking over his face. He found it incredibly cute how Jack still found it amazing that they had found each other. Not only were they get used to living with Destiny, but each other, too, and neither of them could be more happy about it.
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