Status: Work In Process

Avalanche to the Heart

The 2014-2015 NHL season has begun and Lillian Marie Kinnan is a huge Colorado Avalanche fan. Her favorite player is Nathan MacKinnon, a budding superstar.

She happens to have a past with him and maybe even a future??

**PG for love themes (there is no G)
*Okay, I'll jump on the romance train once more, parting from my comfort zone of evilness, thrills and kidnapping, I'm presenting this array of awesomeness, I hope. (Kinny is growing on me, I'm getting a lot of hockey players that I like....dang....soon I'm going to like every single player, eh?)
  1. Lillian Kinnan: Avalanche Fan
    Lillian's POV - Present Day
  2. Senior Year of High School
    Lillian Kinnan First Meets Nathan MacKinnon
  3. At the Game
    Lillian and Nathan's POV - Present Day
  4. Hockey Practice
    Lillian and Nathan's POV - High School Years
  5. Falling In Love
    Destiny and Nathan's POV - High School Years
  6. Remember Me?
    Lillian and Nathan's POV - Present Day
  7. Destiny and Nichy's Date
    Destiny and Val's POV - High School Years
  8. The High School Hockey Game and Celebration
    High School Years - Past
  9. Prom
    High School Years - Past
  10. Homecoming and Things Go Wrong
    Lillian's POV - High School Years
  11. Jeremy Horton