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Avalanche to the Heart

Lillian Kinnan: Avalanche Fan

It was the start of the 2014-2015 season and Lillian Marie Kinnan was suiting up for her favorite time of the year. Of any year, for that matter. She stood before her mirror, throwing on her number twenty-nine Colorado Avalanche jersey. She was a fan of the darker colors of the home jersey and it made her feel more like a fan, wearing the home colors.

She smiled at her reflection, as she pulled it down on her athletic figure. She was also into sports. She played soccer, roller hockey and ball hockey. She always loved those sports, as she wasn’t much into football. She loved going outside on the street with her friends and batting around a ball, between sticks. Her friends had nicknamed her “Mrs. Kane” because she had hands and stick-handling that was out-of-this-world.

One of her friends had told her, “If the NHL ever goes co-gender, you and Patrick Kane would make a killer deadly pair.” And she believed that. But Patrick Kane wasn’t her favorite player. She was more into a new kid on the Avalanche team: Nathan MacKinnon.

And she had just managed to get herself a new jersey, because she had worn out the other one. She just loved him so much. He had golden brown curls of dreaminess, that curved upward toward the heavens and he had a cute nose and face that seemed very friendly. He was just adorable and when he wrinkled his nose up, she thought she might explode inside.

She lifted her chocolate colored hair up, brushing it out from underneath the collar of her jersey and combed it out with her fingers, as she flirted with her reflection. She blinked her eyelids, letting her girly lashes brush the top of her cheek. Her amber brown eyes sparkled in the sunlight, that came from her window.

A boisterous car horn shook her from her thoughts and she laughed, snatching up her various items that she would need, like her phone, purse and other such things.

“Game day!” she cried, bolting out of her room. She gave a loud chirping call, as she took off down the stairs and darted out the door.

She spotted the familiar bandwagon car parked in her driveway, belonging to her best friend. She swung open the passenger side door and hopped in. There were three people total in the vehicle, going to the game.

“Who’s ready for the Avs to kick some ass this season?!” her best friend, the driver asked. This was Jeremy Horton, a spunky male ice hockey enthusiast. He had recently moved to Denver, Colorado from Seattle, Washington. He was a giant Chicago Blackhawks and Dallas Star double fan.

“This is going to be a sick game!” Destiny Miller, her other best friend spoke. She was leaning forward in her seat in the back, which happened to be the middle. Her blue eyes shines with excitement. Destiny had been with Lillian, for as long as she could remember. They had grown up together and were now rooming together in college. It couldn’t get any better than that.

“Well, they are playing the Los Angeles Kings to open up the season!”

“That’s true. The Kings were the Champs last year,” Jeremy chuckled, hitting the wheel to the side, causing the car to jerk slightly to the left.

“But not this year! This year, the Cup is ours - Colorado’s!”

“Right! Go Avs!” Destiny cheered from the middle of the backseat.

“I can’t wait to see Kinny and how much better he’s gonna be!” Lillian screamed.

Her friend blushed, letting off a little, soft fangirl giggle. She brushed her fingers through her snowy white hair. She looked kind of like Elsa from Frozen, with the color of her hair and how it was always done up in a side braid. Sometimes the two best girl friends would roleplay. And Lillian, being the brunette, would play the role of Anna. Jeremy was Kristoff, with his sexy blonde locks of straw-like hair.

“You girls and Nathan.”

“Oh come on Jeremy, you can’t deny his awesomeness and talent!” The young brunette woman reached over and lightly pinched her friend’s cheek.

“Hey, I’m driving!”

They all laughed together. Jeremy soon pulled the car into the parking garage and found a spot rather quickly. They were there at least an hour early, so that they could enjoy pre-game activities and what not.
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I wanted to start this. Kinny reminds me a lot of Nichy and I like that!!!! Nichy and Kinny are gonna be best friends!!!! :))))) I just created another bromance you guys!!!!