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Avalanche to the Heart

Jeremy Horton

A little after Nathan and Lillian split apart and the weeks passed with each heart-breaking day for her, it came time when all of the boys had to leave Halifax. Val and Destiny bid farewell and agreed that it was time for them both to see other people. As much as her friend didn’t like it, she knew it was the right move.

Long distance relationships were difficult.

Lillian stood waiting for her that dreaded afternoon when the bus came to take all of the boys who’d been chosen to enter the draft and take them away from Halifax and their home. She slumped over, wiping her eyes. Lillian grabbed her friend into her arms to comfort her.

“It’ll be alright. There’s another man out there for you!” the brunette girl spoke. “I know there is.”

“But there’s no one like Val!”

“There is. I know there is. Now let’s get out of here.” Lillian put an arm around her snowy haired friend and led her away. “Come on.”

Destiny sniffled but allowed her friend to lead her away.

That had been the scene at the end of June, but now Lillian had an opportunity to go to Colorado off of a potential Scholarship opportunity for herself. The family pretty much decided to move there and Destiny tagged along. She wasn’t going to leave her friend. And Lillian didn’t exactly want to leave her friend either. They were in this journey together and they would remain friends and be together until the very end.

When they landed in Colorado it was pretty much the same as Halifax, but maybe a bit more mountainy...oh and...a lot more higher up. The altitude made Destiny a little nauseous, but she eventually got used to it and was eager to learn the new state and city. Lillian was too.

Denver, Colorado. Home of the Colorado Avalanche and Denver Broncos: NHL and NFL. Lillian knew that of course, because of her brother.

As they made their way through the city, deciding to take the long way and explore a little, they passed by the Mile High Stadium and the Pepsi Center. It was going to be great to see her brother again, but it would be a little different actually living in a hockey city where the NHL had a team. Halifax had the Mooseheads...but that was it. Sure hockey thrived in Canada anywhere and everywhere, but Halifax wasn’t NHL. Colorado was.

As they passed the Pepsi Center, Lillian glimpsed a sign out front. Destiny was looking out at it as well. There was a man’s face on it. He had flowing blond locks and she noticed Destiny blush. A few more seconds down the road, they spotted a large billboard with the man, but this time his name was plastered on it.

“Gabriel Landeskog…” Destiny whispered to herself. She turned to her friend.

“See, I told you there would be someone else for you!” Lillian giggled.

Destiny frowned, but pulled her phone out and typed the name into her internet search engine. She pulled the images up and selected the second one that showed up. She held the picture out for her friend to see. “He’s a babe!!”

“Ha-ha, Gabe the Babe, right?”

She sighed and stuck the image as her background, replacing the image of her and Val kissing on Valentines’. “Guess I can forget about him, Lil!”

Lillian laughed again.

Before long, they pulled up into the driveway of their new house. They got out and the fun job of unpacking and settling in began. Luckily the neighbors were actually pretty nice and they insisted that they help Lillian and her family (and adopted “sister” Destiny) out.

One year later,

The Colorado Avalanche were the talk of the city of Denver, of course so were the Broncos. Destiny and Lillian had purchased a bunch of Denver sports stuff. Honestly, by now Lillian and Destiny were so preoccupied, that they forgot about Nathan and Val completely.

The Avalanche were on the rise and they’d narrowly missed the playoffs. They had on a few of the games and Destiny was into them a lot. Of course she developed a deep interest with Gabriel, the Captain. Lillian wasn’t too interested in any of the players, she was busy looking for her brother and would scream and squeal each time she did spot him.

Eventually it came time for her Scholarship moment and she was determined not to screw up. She really wanted to get into the local college in Colorado (University of Colorado/Colorado University). It was her dream college.

Lillian and Destiny drove together to the college and checked into the program. In the process, they sat next to another man. He had short blond hair and looked almost like he could be a dancer or an actor...something “artsy.”

He was busy typing something into his iPad and had just finished and looked up as the two girls sat down.

“Hey, you two look like Anna and Elsa from Frozen!?” he exclaimed in shock. “That’s like my favorite movie...well, favorite Disney movie!”

Destiny giggled. “We’ve been told that.”

“It’s why this friendship is so good, we’re almost like sisters!” Lillian added on.

“So, are you both writers?” he asked, rotating around in his seat to look at them both.

“Yeah, actually we are. I have always been, but believe it or not my here has just decided to pursue it with me. I’m actually helping her out.” Lillian pointed to herself and then to her giggling snowy haired friend.

“That’s fantastic! The creative writing field need more writers...and more hockey!” The man looked energetic and really excited.

Lillian and Destiny shared a look with one another. “Hockey?”

“Yeah! Big Avalanche fan, my boyfriend is actually one of the star players on the team. I get tickets all the time thanks to him!”

“Wait, I thought in the NHL you weren’t allowed to be gay?” Destiny questioned, raising an eyebrow and still smiling aloofly.

“Nah, they don’t ask and you don’t tell basically. Dutchy and I have never had a problem. Nope.”


“Yeah, his real name if Matt Duchene, but the boys and I all call him “Dutchy”’s his nickname on the team!” the blond guy looked to the side briefly.

“Matt Duchene is gay?!” Lillian and Destiny gasped a little loudly, causing a few people to glance in their direction.

The man laughed at their ignorance. “Yeah. He’s my secret and wonderful partner!”

“Cool. We’re into hockey as well actually. My brother plays on the team too.”

“Oh really? What’s his name?”

“Lukas Kinnon.”

“Ah, Luke, right?” the man seemed to know the brunette’s brother. That was kind of cool.


“Do you by chance know the guy named Gabriel Landeskog?” Destiny asked, trying to disguise her romantic interest in the player.

“Do I? He’s my best friend!”

“Who are you, wonderful man?!” Lillian demanded.

“The name’s Jeremy Horton or soon Jeremy Duchene!” He winked. “You can also call me Kristoff!” He winked again.

“That’s so cool! Well, Jeremy or Kristoff, my name is not Anna, but it’s Lillian or Lilly and this is Destiny, my Elsa!”

They shook hands.

“It’s nice to meet you two. I’d love for us all to hang out. I’ve never met anyone like me, who’s into hockey and writing! It’s refreshing and I’m open to making friends with you two!”

“I’d like that too, right Des?”

“Oh yes!”

“And how about I talk to Dutchy and see if I can treat you two to some games and behind the scenes stuff. I’m sure you’d love to see your brother, right?”

Lillian couldn’t help but grin and nod. And that was how the two girls had met the wonderful Jeremy Horton, who scored sick tickets to the game through his boyfriend, Matt Duchene. The trio’s friendship blossomed and they often hung out and they helped each other and pushed each other. It was a great experience and a great relationship. And when Jeremy had a fight with “Dutchy” it was Lillian and Destiny to his rescue. They patched the problem and made it so that the two were once again in a healthy and romantic relationship.

Though the two girls weren’t gay, they understood Jeremy like they were and didn’t mind his homosexuality.

And soon it was the 2013-2014 year, two years after Lillian and Destiny had moved to Colorado. The season blew by and there was one player in particular who stood out to Lillian Kinnon. He wore the number 29. And though she’d forgotten him and their relationship, she found herself drawn toward him.

The superstar 20 year old from Halifax, Nova Scotia, who’d gone out with and dated Lillian, only to chose hockey over her. And yet, in a cruel twist of fate, destiny (not Lillian’s friend) was bringing them back together.

It was Nathan MacKinnon.
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Finally got an idea with this story, so I will be continuing with this one soon. Thank you for reading and being patient with me. :D I really appreciate it and I'm sorry that it took so long to get this updated. :)
Wasn't sure if Dutchy could pass for gay or not? I think he could...he could be flamboyant (but then again apparently so could Landy...right?)
AHHHHH!!!!! I'm so sorry that this took FOREVER to get an update before. Honestly I was tossing around this gay idea for Jeremy's character. I was like, "yeah, he can be gay"...and... "no, he doesn't look gay." But I decided to just go with it.
Dutchy's got a boyfriend!!!! Haha!!
Let me know if this is too short or whatnot, but there is only three chapters left after this. I'm sorry, but I hope you will like how it ends.

Next up: Lillian and Nathan keep bumping into each other. It's, IT'S DESTINY!! It's written in the stars!

(Sorry, I tend to be a little overdramatic sometimes...)