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Avalanche to the Heart

At the Game

Lillian’s POV

The game was in full swing by now and Lillian was getting nervous. She sat at the edge of her seat, her head erect and her vision focused. The Avalanche were playing the “Stanley Cup Champ” Kings and they were tied. TIED. Sure, watching from the bench area, behind the boards was amazing, but her team was tied. She had never been that close to the ice during a game before. It was a lucky score on tickets thanks to her best friend Jeremy and Destiny, who were surprising her for her twenty first birthday. She was glad and grateful that she was able to be right where the action was occurring, rather than being one of the hundreds of diehard fans forced to sit higher up in the nosebleeds.

And she could listen in on the bench conversations. The Colorado coach, Patrick Roy, was shouting at his players, trying to keep them alive and keep their heads in the game. A few times, she thought she saw her favorite play on the bench, Mr. Nathan MacKinnon turn around and look at her.

She waved flirtatiously, managing to get a response back from him. He had returned the wave, but she was sure it was just absent-mindedly. She saw that his look was one of puzzlement and curiousness. It was like he wasn’t sure about what he was seeing.

Neither of them obviously remembered one another. It had been years.

Lillian would often see Nathan and Ryan O’Reilly talking the fans up before and after the game, enjoying the live of a professional. That would be the last thing Lillian would want to be a part of. She didn’t want to be one of the girls who had her heart torn apart by some stud hockey star. And she didn’t want it to be Nathan. Of all the hockey players.

There was only fifteen seconds left of the game and Nathan stole the puck from the Kings and made his way to the goal, and of course, the puck hit the back of the net right when the buzzer went off. Everyone was yelling and screaming, while the victory song for the Avalanche started playing in the background.

Lillian jumped to her feet, with her two friends. They joined in the thunderous applause. Her eyes remained on the man, who skated around the net, whipping his arm around in a circle in celebration, as he yowled his excitement. She watched as his linemates joined him, smashing together in the common bear hug celebration, patting him on the top of his helmet.

“Way to go Kinny!” the boys on the bench cheered, as he skated back to the bench for fist bumps.

The young star skated by and Lillian swore he looked up at her, purposefully and winked. Then he spun around, for a massive mob of players. The Kings dropped their heads and walked out of the buzzing arena, quickly. Unlike Montreal fans, Avalanche fans had class and poise. They clapped and commended the opposing team, that returned to the visitor locker room, depressed that they had lost.

The Los Angeles Kings, who had won the Stanley Cup last year, had already lost on opening night, to the red hot Colorado Avalanche.

“What a game!?” Jeremy exclaimed, high-fiving Destiny, who was also spinning around in her spot, high-fiving other fans. She was not one to be shy or afraid of strangers. And if she was happy, she let you know about it.

Once the Colorado boys made it off the ice and headed to their home locker room, she shuffled over to the railing and leaned over to give them all huge hugs, while screaming. Without thinking she got ahead of herself and halted Nathan, as he came up and gave him a humongous embrace. He was surprised when she wrapped her arms around him, jumping up and down behind the railing. He smiled and hugged her back. Again, she knew that he was only pleasing the fans and not looking like a dick. One of his many great traits about him. People started looking at them with questioning looks. Lillian quickly pulled away, releasing him and looked down at him. She was bright red in the face with embarrassment.

“Um, great shot,” Lillian muttered, awkwardly. Her face began to glow a darker shade of red.

“Uh, thanks,” Nathan replied, while rubbing the back of his neck. The other players walked by, slapping him on the back. He saw that she began to blush, because she looked towards the ground.

“I better go back to my friends,” Lillian stammered, pointing her thumb back in the direction of her two stunned friends, who had halted with shock. She thought he looked so handsome. He had beads of sweat dripping from his hair, which was matted under his helmet, his blue eyes gazed back, burning into hers.



Nathan’s POV

Nathan stood just inside the tunnel, watching the young female fan who had attacked him. He thought she looked familiar to him. But he couldn’t place from where or when. He shook his head and turned around, heading into the tunnel. But he froze mid-step and turned back to look at her. He cocked his head with curiosity, as she finally spun around and went to join her friends, apologizing to them and then telling them all about her fangirl experience.

He was snapped out of his thoughts, when one of the ice girls, Brittani, with an “i”, came up to him. “Hey Nate. Great game tonight, where are we going to celebrate?” She asked rubbing his arm, inappropriately. He wasn’t really in the mood for dealing with the ice girls, but it was kind of his thing now. And he didn’t want to be rude. She completely ignored the fact that the fans were still there and could she her.

“Uh, I think a group of us are going to the club tonight after we shower, but I text you and let you know what’s going on.” He smiled at her, shaking his head finally and turning away from the excitement back outside. It was the same smile he gave to Lillian.

She tapped him on the nose, with a short giggle and then they both walked down the tunnel, into the locker room.

Lillian’s POV

“Hey, you okay?” Jeremy asked her, as soon as she joined them. She looked like she was about to cry and he was kind of concerned about her.

“Uh, yeah, I’m fine.” Lillian rubbed her eyes. She wasn’t exactly sad, just really, really excited. Her heart fluttered inside and it took all of her self-control not to sigh heavily, like a hopeless romantic swoon to love.

“Okay, well, I think that we should go out to the club tonight, you are twenty one after all and it makes sense that you come and celebrate with a drink. And, Destiny, if you still have your fake ID, I guess you can come with us,” Jeremy sighed, teasingly.

“Very funny, Jeremy. And I just so happen to have it with me, because I knew that we would win and I would need it!”

Lillian knew that normally Destiny would never be allowed to partake in something like this, because she was one year off. But she had drank before with them and she had experiance and DUI knowledge. And plus, this was a happy occasion, so she threw the rules of life to the side. “Just don’t go overboard and get drunk. If you are underage and get caught, we don’t you. You don’t know us.”

“I got this Lills! I’ll be responsible! I promise! Hockey fans honor!”

“Uh, sure, whatever. Can we stop by my house, so that I can change?” Lillian asked. There was no way she was going to go to a club in a MacKinnon jersey. No matter how much she really wanted to get in his pants. And she wouldn’t be lying if she wanted to make herself a little more, sexier.

“Fine. But only for like ten minutes,” Jeremy stated. “It is your birthday and you’ve got to spend it wisely. Because you only get one twenty-first birthday in life!”


Lillian spun back around to look at the tunnel. Nathan was gone. It felt like a knife was just stabbed into her stomach. She didn’t know why, but she had deep feelings for the Avalanche forward and she couldn’t shake him from her thoughts. She knew him, but from where and when? Had they dated?