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Avalanche to the Heart

Destiny and Nichy's Date

"Nichy, I'm hot."

"Oh, yes you are."

Destiny sighed. "Can we turn down the heat, please?"

He chuckled, flicking on his turn signal. "Knock yourself out."

"When you told me to dress warm, I thought we'd be doing something outdoors. We've been in your car for the past hour. Are we trying to preserve body heat or something?" She fiddled with the knobs and buttons on the dashboard until she felt cold air blow out of the vents instead of hot.

"Nice try, Destiny. I'm not telling you what we're doing."

She huffed and sat back in her seat, watching the trees pass by. She wasn't even sure what part of the country of Nova Scotia they were in anymore. Were they in Halifax anymore? "You know, half the horror movies start with the guy not knowing where he's going and refusing to ask for directions. In this case, I don't know where we're going so I can't even tell if we're lost."

"We're not lost."

"That's what he would say. Then, their car would break down and they'd have to go looking for a telephone. They'd get lost in the woods and end up fighting because they're scared. Eventually, they get hacked to pieces by a serial killer."

He shot her a half-amused, half-concerned look, as he slid one arm behind her seat. "You are one hell of a control freak," he commented with a smirk.

"I know. I can't help it." She twirled a strand of her snowy hair in her finger, adorably.

He played with a lock of her hair too, looking far too comfortable driving the car with one hand. "Have I told you how beautiful you look?"

She blushed. "Too many times now, I think."

"Just stating the facts, sweetheart."

"Have you always been this sweet?"

"Only with you," he said seriously. "Everything's different with you."

"What about that night on the rink, when you nearly and practically ran over an opponent? You were an asshole," she pointed out.

"You threw me off. I wasn't sure how to act or what to say. I felt like I was in middle school all over again." He tucked her hair behind her ear.

She smiled softly and grabbed his hand in hers, bringing it down to her lap. She traced the lines across his rough palms. "So far, this is a pretty great date. Even though we haven't actually done anything yet."

He grinned. "We're almost there."

Five minutes later, they were cruising down a driveway towards an extremely large mansion. Even in the dark, she could see the expanse of the building. It looked like one of those houses that rich, suburban people in movies had.

"Please tell me that's not your house."

He smirked. "It's not. It's my parent’s." He slowed down, as they approached the house and turned off the engine. He cocked an eyebrow at her, sending her a concerned look. "You look like you're going to pass out."

She swallowed. "Yeah, you might have to carry me in."

"No problem." He got out and walked over to open her door, even undoing her seatbelt for her.

She shrieked when his hands slipped under her legs and he threw her over his shoulder. "What the hell are you doing?" She flailed in his grip, seriously not liking this new position.

"Carrying you in."

"I was kidding, you asshole!"

He chuckled and slapped her ass with the hand not holding her legs. "Stop moving around. Do you want to end up face-first in this snow?"

She huffed in annoyance and crossed her arms across her chest. Her frustration only made her look more adorable. Gravity was making it a bit hard to keep her arms there, but she wanted him to know that she was not pleased. She swung around slightly as he climbed up the steps and rang the doorbell.

"Is anyone here?" she asked, making sure to add a bit of sass to her question, so that he knew that he wasn't forgiven.

"No, but the housekeeper is. You'll like her."

"Want to put me down before she gets here?"

"No. I like you like this." His hand settled on her ass. "The view's pretty great."


There were muffled footsteps before she heard the door open. A feminine voice quickly filled the silence. "Val, it's about time! I was ready to-" She paused. "Oh. This must be your friend."

"Oh, right. Bella, this is Destiny. Des, this is Annabella; I call her Bella." He turned around so she could face her.

Annabella looked to be a plump, middle-aged woman. She had auburn hair that was tied up in a tight bun. Her eyes were warm and her face was kind. Her whole presence was very motherly and inviting.

"Hello." Destiny waved awkwardly, still hanging awkwardly, upside-down.

A wide smile filled her face. "Well, it's lovely to meet you, dear. You're even more beautiful than I thought you'd be." She turned to Val and her warm look quickly disappeared. "Valeri Ivanovich Nichushkin, you put her down this instant."

He finally flipped her back over his shoulder, so that she could stand on her own. She straightened out her jacket and smiled gratefully at Annabella.

She offered the snowy haired girl a kind nod, before she quickly reached out and hit Val upside the head.

"Ow!" He scowled her, rubbing the spot she'd hit. "What was that for?"

"That was for carrying her like a caveman."

“I was only kidding and playing around!”

She grinned smugly at him. He rolled his eyes at her. "Can we come in now? Destiny's probably freezing to death." He tucked her into his side as he spoke. Oh so now he cared about her?

Annabella's eyes followed the movement carefully. Her smile was so wide that it looked like it hurt. "Of course, come in. And don't swear." She chided as she opened the door wider so that they could step in.

Destiny’s mouth fell open as she walked inside. The foyer itself was just plain huge. The entire house was bathed in a classy lighting that reflected off the pristine surfaces. She could see a bit of the living room to her left and there was a long-winding staircase to her right. There was even a chandelier hanging from the ceiling above her. Everything was just so old-school wealth.

"Impressed?" Val whispered in her ear.

She just nodded dumbly.

"Give her the tour, Valeri." Annabella ordered. "Dinner will be ready soon."

Val took her hand and she allowed him to guide her inside, taking in every immaculate inch of the house. This was a type of wealth she just hadn't had experience with. Neither of her parents were very rich. It was all a bit overwhelming.

By the time Val had shown her the dining room, the family room, the kitchen (which Annabella had quickly shooed them away from), the study, and the sitting room, she was fully convinced that Val’s parents were royalty. No one should have this kind of money.

"So this is your place? This is crazy." She shook her head as he led her towards his bedroom.
He smirked. "It's just a house, Des."

She snorted. "Yeah, right. This place makes the White House look like a tepee."

"My dad's pretty rich, I guess." He shrugged as he pushed his door open and flicked on the lights.

Inside was a large, king-sized bed sitting in the middle. Other than that, the room was pretty barren. There was a desk in one corner of the room and a white couch in the other, but nothing else. Everything was white and everything was clean. Considering her OCD, she should have been in heaven. However, it all just looked a little sad.

"This is…" she paused, trying to find the appropriate adjective.

"Boring as hell," he supplied with an exaggerated grin. "I know. I needed it to be."

She shot him a questioning look. “Why?”

“Not important.”

"Change isn't always a bad thing," she offered, reaching up to kiss him softly on the cheek.

He shrugged and smiled slightly before leaning down to meet her for the kiss. Just as he was about to deepen it, a throat cleared softly. They broke apart to see the housekeeper, Annabella, standing in the doorway. She smiled at both of them. "Dinner."

They ate the dinner, which was delicious and then headed back up to his room. They both thanked the housekeeper for the meal. She decided to make a move and be the instigator this time. She reached over, as they walked into the room and slipped her hand down the waistline of his pants. He spun to her, grinning.

“Oh, so you wanna start already?”


“Then let’s make out!”

She grabbed his hand, giving him a sly look and put it on her chest, over her heart. He was respectful of her and didn’t move his hand, keeping it where she wanted it. He could feel her heart beating inside her chest. She gazed into his eyes, as she unbuttoned his dress shirt and peeled the halves to the sides of his body. Then she unbuttoned his pants and slid the zipper down, ever so gradually. He let her take charge, enjoy it actually.

She wagged her eyebrows and slowly slid out of sight, bending down. He allowed his hand to drop to her side, once more. She yanked his pants down his legs with one swift move and he stepped out of them, as she stood back up. She slipped out of her outfit, as well.

Soon he was standing in only his boxers and she was only in her bra and panties, which were a matching rose flowery red set. She put her hand, palm down on his left breast and shoved him toward the bed.

They collapsed in a heap of laughter, as he latched onto her arm and pulled her down with him. She landed on top of his muscular athletic hockey player chest. She smashed against him, and he wrapped his arms around her, pinning her in place on him. He craned his neck upward and kissed her on the lips. She kissed back and soon they were on the bed, wildly devouring one another into the evening.
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Awwww, what a cute couple, eh??

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