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Avalanche to the Heart


One month… that was how much of the school year was left. Lillian couldn't believe it had been almost a year since she started at Halifax High. It wasn't easy at first, but she guessed people realized she wasn't like her siblings. She wasn't going to ruin anything for them. They started to let up, like her even, around February and things were better from there.

As more time passed, Lillian’s circle of friends grew, but she never forgot the ones from the beginning. Destiny was still her best friend and one of the main reasons she was surviving this Senior year and she couldn’t forget the hockey team. They had all become like her brothers and now every day when she get home there were protein cookies on the counter and very tall boys in her kitchen.

Jeremy had come home while they were there one day for a surprise visit and the team welcomed him with open arms, forgetting about what had been said and focusing on the fact that one of their own had made it to the big leagues… it gave them hope.

Overall, this year had turned out great but there were two big events left: prom and the hockey championships.

It was a Friday night and Destiny and Lillian were at her house getting ready to leave for the big game. Not only had she gained so many friends from the hockey team, but Destiny had too. Just like Lillian had become especially close with Nathan, Destiny had become especially close with Val, which was really no surprise at all, given that the two were almost always seen together doing something. And that something happened to mostly be making out against a pole, in the locker room, at name it.

“You ready to go Lils?” Destiny asked her from the doorway to her bedroom. She was the only one who ever called her that but she liked it.

“Yea one sec,” the brunette girl called as she threw her hair up in a ponytail.

They soon got in Lillian’s car and headed to the rink.

16 seconds were left in the third period and the score was tied at one. If MacKinnon wins the faceoff, it’s a sure thing that he’ll pass back to Nichushkin to try and get a goal. That was what people at home watching the championship game heard as the final seconds of the period ticked down. Destiny was rocking back and forth and had a look of panic on her face and Lillian couldn't sit still either. She saw the shot but didn't believe it…then the buzzer rang and the rink erupted…they’d won the championships.

“You won!” Lillian and Destiny yelled as they reached the captain of the team.

Being captain and winning the championships was really important to this man and you could see the happiness in his face and his eyes as he skated around, hugging his loved ones and friends. It was a feeling Lillian had seen in her brother and it was a feeling she’d know she would see next year when someone else was named captain. It was just how winning with a powerful rank felt. The next person she happened to find was Val Nichushkin.

“Nichy!” Lillian yelled as he lifted her off the ice and spun her around on his skates. “You were amazing.” He finally put her down after a few seconds.

“Well thank you. I mean it’s not like I couldn't hear you and Des screaming or anything,” he joked as they both let out a laugh.

“Just wanted to make sure you knew we were here.”

“Oh believe me, everyone in the rink knows you guys are here.” He joked again, bursting out laughing, as she lightly punched him in the arm.

Destiny came over shortly after that and Lillian left them to talk and go find Nathan.

“There’s my superstar.” The brunette woman exclaimed, joyously once she found him.

He turned around and smiled at her, then lifted her off and spun her around in a hug just like Val had done.

After a few minutes of talking, Nathan pulled her out into the middle of the ice where the team had made a little circle.

“Oh my god what are you guys gonna do to me? Please tell me Jordan isn't gonna ‘sweep me off my feet’ or something.” She laughed as she looked at one of the players who was pretending to be mad at her but was failing miserably.

“No not quite princess. I’ll save that for another time.” He winked at her.

She soon realized Nathan and her were standing in the middle of the circle and people were looking at them.

“Um…” Lillian started but then Nathan started talking into a microphone that had been given to him. “Lillian Kinnan, you’re my best girl friend and although I know Jordy, here, wants to take you, I’d like to know if you would do me the honor of being my prom date.”

She stood there kind of shocked. “Well sure, I guess...why not?” she said laughing.

With that they hugged and the team clapped. They hooted and hollered like frat boys. A few of them even appeared to say, “Get some, Kinny!” and “Kiss her, kiss her!”

After another half hour they all headed home, all the players once more coming to her house for celebration dinner along with the family. The rest of the night was filled with laughs, good food, protein cookies, and memories. The draft was coming up next week and that was the night Jordy told everyone he had been invited and they all couldn't believe it. That had been his dream for as long as everyone had known him and now, just like a few of the other talented players, he was getting what he had worked for his whole life. Lillian couldn’t be prouder.

Unfortunately, Nathan and Val were also invited.

But they could have some fun, right? After all, that wasn’t until June.


It was Prom night. The one night of the year where every single female tried and look as good as they can. Almost like how they would look on their wedding day. A day that was spent pampering yourself and getting ready. A day that you looked back on years from now and remembered the good times you had in high school. The one night where everyone came together under one roof and had the time of their lives.

It was 7 o’clock when Val and Nathan came to pick up Lillian and Destiny from the snowy-haired girl’s house. They all had dinner reservations before prom which started at 8:30, but they didn't leave until 7:30 because their moms insisted on taking five-million pictures before they left. Only a natural and annoying parent type thing.

After dinner, they headed to the prom and had their pictures taken and then listened to conversations with their friends, danced the night away, and finally the moment everyone was waiting for came - prom king and queen.

To no one’s surprise the captain of the Halifax team and his girlfriend won. Everyone knew they would.

“You know, that’s me and you in my head.” Lillian heard Nathan whisper to her as everyone watched them have their dance. She blushed a little bit. It was no secret she liked Nathan and that he liked her too. Destiny, Val and a few others were constantly asking her why they weren't together and she just said “because”…the truth was, she had no idea. Another hour passed and then they headed out.

Instead of heading home though, Nathan took her somewhere special- the place she had taken him that first day after practice- the ledge overlooking the water with the picnic tables. Sure it had rained and ruined her plans, but now it was crystal clear, with no a cloud in the sky. It was a gorgeous evening. She walked over towards the edge and just stared out at the water. Shortly after Nathan walked up behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist. It was something he did a lot, but she still loved it. They stood like that for a few minutes more before he turned her to face him and looked kind of nervous.

“What’s wrong?” Lillian asked as he bit his lip. Damn it drove her crazy when he did that. It made her breath catch in her throat.

“Um… I was… well, Lillian I really like you and I was wondering if you’d be my girlfriend.” It all fell out of his mouth very fast and she wasn’t sure if she’d heard it right. She couldn’t believe it.

“Damn Landeskog, I thought you’d never ask.” She smiled and slapping his arm lightly. He laughed nervously with her as well and they shared a kiss.

Things escalated pretty quickly from there but it was a relief and a pleasure to finally be boyfriend and girlfriend. They made out by the lake. Lillian, at one point pushed Nathan backward onto the table and jumped on top of him. They continued their passionate moment, until they were both exhausted and laughing. Nathan had been stripped of his tie, black jacket and white shirt of his suit, but he found it all and rapidly put it back on him. He was blushing deeply and she was too. She couldn’t help but admire that muscular athletic body of his.

After that he drove her home and walked her up to her door since it was a little after midnight.

Whenever Nathan would walk her to her door, he would always give her a kiss on the cheek. She didn’t mind it, but tonight the routine changed and from then on it would be a kiss on the lips and not the cheek. Well, she was technically Nathan’s girlfriend now…

So how did things go so wrong for her and Nathan??
♠ ♠ ♠
How did things go so wrong for Lilly and Nate????
The answer is coming up soon! :)