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Bound by Fate

Once upon a time, in a beautiful country named Gardenia, lived a great King and a loving Queen. They only had one child, a little prince who everyone adored.
Gardenia was a beautiful country, filled with colorful flowers, blooming trees, happy living animals and beautiful waterfalls.
The country was a happy, loving and bright country.
The birds would sing the most beautiful songs every morning till late at night. The citizens were nice towards each other, always greeting each other with a warm smile and a hello. The houses were made out of the most beautiful wood that existed and the castle was made out of the purest and whitest stones. Everything screamed beautiful. Even the sky, with its magnificent colors.
Gardenia was all in all, the most beautiful country in the whole world. And the people who lived there, enjoyed their life and their surroundings, and of course their beloved King and Queen, and their little prince.

It's happening around the 1800's, so that means no electronics and no cars. The cars will be horse riding and carriages instead, no phones either, but letters.

There exists three kinds of vampires.
Carries: males and females who can get pregnant and always wear dresses.
Fighters: males who 'dominate'
Ends: vampires who are insane cause something went wrong with them when they got turned into a vampire.

Neither of us own Black Veil Brides or other people from bands if we happen to use them.
It's boyxboy and consists of mpreg too.

Jackie and Seagull