And Now I'm Nothing

Basically a High School Kellic, Vic's your "cool guy" and Kellin's the "outcast". Uhmngrh, yeah, Vic gets dared to go out with Kellin for god knows how long and well, Kellin agrees being completely oblivious to the dare. I'm pretty sure you guys have caught my drift.

Probably a lot of drama once we get further into the story, I'm pretty sure you can all figure out where it's coming from and why.

There will be mentions of self harm, drugs, and alcohol. Nothing too heavy though.

Well, yeah, thanks if you're actually going to give this a shot, fuck you if not! (just kidding, that was insensitive I love you all.) the cover was made by me which is why it's so terrible, haha. So, dear Kellic shippers and shippets I hope you all have a wonderful morning/night?