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As we were watching the girl, I felt a blast of light next to me and I was almost blown off my feet. Grabbing a seat in front of me for balance, I blinked my eyes and looked for Lou. She wasn't there. I started to panic.
"Lou! Lou! Where are you?!" I screamed. Grabbing my sword I slashed around like a mad person in the air, trying to look for her. She was the only Loviessian left, besides me, I couldn't lose her now, not now. After all we've been through. I felt the dream mist swirl around me again. The human girl was awakening.
"No! No!!! STOP!" I yelled, but it was too late. The mist shook me back into reality, without Lou.
"Why?!" I yelled at the ceiling of the girl's room. I watched as she left the room for breakfast. She didnt see me, of course.
"Lou, Lou, please come back." I whispered. I dont know what happened to her, I don't know what the light that swallowed Lou was. Oh, why didn't I listen to her?! Lou said it was risky, anything could go wrong and malfunction, and it did. Because of me. And I didn't find out anything useful either!
Wiping my tears away, I stood up slowly. Lou was gone. I was alone. Last of my kind. In a world in which I can never leave. I looked around the girl's room. Spying a homewrok book, I saw her name: Jenny Linskey.
"You have alot of potential, you know," I murmured to the book, "Very interesting. You might just save us all." Hearing Jenny come back up the stairs, I dropped the book on the table. Jenny might not be able to see me, but she will see the book. The last thing I need is her freaking out.
Quietly I left the house. Walking away I saw a rose. A white rose. Picking it up, I walked to a lake and threw it in. The wind carried it daintily across the lake and it landed softly in the centre. Slowly in sank down to the bottom. I wiped away a tear. White roses were Lou's favourite.
"I'm so sorry, Lou." I murmured, "Rest in peace, girl."
With that, I turned away and never looked aback.
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