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Bad Wine


I loved my man and I never doubted his love when we decided to get married, but things didn’t go as planned. I was hoping to make my dream come true. Nothing too much, just simple; a small house, a loving hard working man, two kids…but it got the point where his love for me was twisted, if you could ever possibly call that love.

We married when we were young; we were just twenty years old and now I know why our parents were against our marriage. We should have seen more of the world, we should have tried living together first, then it would be easier to break up and move on.

Five years later Seth was taking cocaine in every chance he got, he fucked me whenever he wanted and when he wanted, he threw the food I cooked and beat me up with his belt. I was stupid to think he would change because even after three years of coping with all his shit, he didn’t change.

When he wasn’t high, he’d say he was sorry that things were gonna change that he would try to change with me, for me. Fucking lies! He didn’t even fucking try.

I was sitting on our bed staring at the photo of our marriage. I was in his arms with my back to his chest, my own emerald eyes looking at me with a pair of dark brown eyes beside them. His curly, short, hair was tangled with mine. Dark brown mixed with brown even though my hair were longer, reaching a little lower than my shoulders.

My lips were red, my cheeks rosy and we were smiling at the photographer with so much happiness in our eyes. ‘’Seth Mason and Mia Page’’ was written with a marker on the right side of the photograph. Just memories.

His last actions were awful, cruel. He made me drink as much as possible while I thought he wasn’t angry with me for a change and then he tied me up on our bed and had his fellow cocaine friends rape me. I was angry; I never thought I’d be so angry with him. I never thought I would have done what I had on my mind but I had to do it.

When you are involved in something like this there aren’t many options you can take: you either go against your man or with him. There are sub options but they don’t matter when you’ve made up your mind, and that’s what I did. I went against him.

He was going to be home in any minute so I wore a sexy black dress with a deep, tear-shaped bust and same color high-heels. I applied red lipstick and left the room going to the kitchen where the food was ready; spaghetti with tomato sauce and cheese. The wine was on the counter. Everything was perfect.

The bell rang and I went to open the door. There he was, wearing a white shirt reeking with alcohol and a pair of blue jeans. He closed his eyes and opened them again, my outfit seemed to sober him up a bit as he stepped inside and I closed the door behind him.

‘’What’s with those clothes?’’ He asked, turning to face me in the hallway.

‘’I thought you would like them,’’ I muttered staring into his eyes. The love was nowhere to be found, his eyes seemed empty.

‘’I do, I just thought…’’ He started to say but then he shook his head and said, ‘’never mind.’’

He turned and walked to the kitchen, sitting down on the table I sat to the other side as he grabbed his spoon and starting eating the well-made spaghetti. Once he ate half his food, I got up from the table and walked towards the wine, pouring some into two crystal glasses and throwing the sleeping pills that I had smashed inside one of them. I walked to his side and set his glass in front of him, which he grabbed quickly, eager to drink again.

I went to my seat and started eating. I finally felt hungry. I didn’t remember when was the last time I ate because I felt hungry. That was it; my problems would fly out the window once he drunk all his wine and left the house to go drink again. I was willing to let him fuck me once because that would be the last time, a fucking gift from me.

‘’I want you in that dress when I come back,’’ he muttered, drinking all the wine I had poured into his glass.

‘’Will you be gentle tonight?’’ I asked, smiling at him.

‘’I might…’’ he trailed off, pushing his plate to the side and pouring more wine to his glass. He drank it all, and then got up leaving.

Once I heard the loud sound of the door closing, I picked up his glass and threw it inside a bag, which I went to throw a few blocks away from our house. Then I returned home and picked another glass to which I poured some wine before collecting his plate and washed them. Then, I went back to eating the food I had left, and when my plate was empty, I washed it as well. I picked up my glass of wine and went up to our bedroom.

I sat on the bed, taking off my heels and turned the music on while drinking from the delicious wine. I never really liked wine but it was going to be my favorite drink. I just knew it. The police would follow soon but no one knew how much I hated him, no one knew about what had happened except for the two friends of his who fucked me when I was drunk and chained on our bed. They wouldn’t say anything though because they were in too deep as well. My ass was saved but Seth’s sorry ass would be buried soon.

One week later the case was closed and Seth was said to have committed suicide. Of course the neighborhood said what a loving wife I was and how happy we were even when he went out and got himself drunk and high on cocaine. I was finally free and I had taken my revenge on him.

I was good but I was better when I was bad and that was because he had fucked me big time.

You fucked me up, Love. But now I am free, and you are dead.