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Hell Is Real

One Of One

A sharp blaze of fire spread across the surface of Josiuh's body. His arms and legs burning as it crept up into his lungs and soon, into his mouth down past his heart. He smiled as the fire consumed him; the needle in his arm a familiar friend on nights such as these. As the fire raced to his brain, he laid his head back and waited for the effects of the drug to take him to his favorite place. His thoughts grew calm and his inner voice silenced. He closed his eyes, numb to the hatreds and cutting words of his violent world.

As Josiuh remained in the holding tank within his mind, he did not notice the dark clouds coming from the corners of the room, consuming him, dragging him under. Soon, the drug wore off, and the place his body was in seemed different and unfamiliar. Carefully, he took in his surroundings. He lay on a long stretch of highway, signs with black backgrounds and white lettering lining the road, all repeating the same sentence: "Hell Is Real."

As the gears in his mind started turning, he realized what he had done. A pang of guilt stabbed his chest as he slowly got to his feet. Josiuh walked the stretch road thinking of what he had done in his life and the people he had disappointed. The first thought that crossed his mind was the night he had hit his wife for the first time.

It had been a long day for both of them, and he had just been introduced to what would one day be the death of him. The two had argued many times in the past, but this particular day Josiuh had become profusely irritated with Rachelle's constant nagging and intolerable questioning. In a fit of rage, he pulled his arm back and let his open hand crash into her pale and fragile face. From that day forward, Rachelle had come to the realization that the man she had fallen for and the man Josiuh had become were inexcusably different.

Not even six months later, Rachelle left him with nothing save the CD's in his car and the old couch she had slept on since the first night he laid his hands on her. After she left, he lost everything that had ever held a meaning in his life. He let out a small howl of pain as he looked down to see the rubber soles of his shoes melting to the pavement.

As if anger fueled the roads fire, a burst of warm air smacked into his thin frame and caused him to let out a dry cough. He shook his head and took a few long strides backwards to see if the location he was in had anything to do with the sudden heat wave, yet the temperature stayed consistent. A feeling of fear welled within him and he let out a small cry of apology, tears streaming down his face.

A haunting voice filled the air and entered his ears, and he quickly stopped his whimpering and looked around. "Be a man, Josiuh, You put yourself here, and I would think you you could take a small hit, considering you've been known to give a few..." The mans voice trailed off as what sounded like small children started laughing.

Another wave of heat engulfed his body, and breathing became almost impossible. Josiuh brought his sweating hands to his closing throat as a sharp burning sensation grew within his lungs. He fell to his knees, the steaming pavement burning through his clothing and melting the skin away from his bones. He desperately tried to scream, but the lack of air had provided no room for the words he so desperately wanted to say.

A fire swallowed his body and made him convulse in pain. As he drifted away, his soul being consumed by searing flames the regrets he had in life melted away with the rest of his body. Josiuh drifted off into a dark and hollow expanse. The normally unbearable heat no longer seemed to bother him, for where he was going he would need to be comfortable with the heat.
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This is something I have a real connection with. I hope you enjoy it :)