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I Need Your Love

Love is the beauty of the soul

- Caroliina:
We had landed in Buenos Aires about an hour ago, and at the minute we were in the car, driving to Rosario. Mrs Alvarez had insisted on picking us up at the airport, but Leo had refused, saying that he didn't trust her, and as Leo knew how to get around here, both me and Eddie trusted him. Thiago was currently playing with my phone, giggling along with, not aware of the tension that was in the car. I was extremely nervous, Eddie was frustrated and Leo was just generally tense, holding me tightly against him, whilst his free arm was around Thiago. I could tell that he was worried. Eventually the car stopped and we got out, we had arranged to meet them at a café, and I gulped as we entered the café. We didn't see anyone and I frowned as Eddie growled slightly.

"They bring us all the way out here and won't even bother to show up!" Eddie growled out and I looked at him sternly, I didn't want him mad around Thiago. He blinked and shot an apologetic look at me and smiled at Leo and Thiago. Suddenly Leo gasped and as I turned around to see what's wrong, I saw a man and a woman, my eyes widened and I tensed. The woman was the splitting image of me and the man looked almost exactly like Eddie, the only difference was that the woman was the one with blue eyes and light hair. I swallowed thickly and Leo wrapped his arms around me.

"Elena?, Alejandro?" Leo said in disbelief and I frowned. How could he possibly know them.

"Leo?" the woman gasped, moving forward and hugging him. I tensed and moved away slightly.

"How do you know each other?" Eddie asked, putting his arm around me, replacing Leo's, who was now hugging the woman and shaking hands with the man.

"Querida, I have known these people since I was little, Alejandro is my padre's best childhood friend, and Elena's like a sister to my madre, they've been there every since I was little." Leo said and I frowned. I took a look at them an sighed.

"Then why abandon us?" I asked coldly and the couple turned around at the sound of my voice and I looked away, refusing to meet their eyes.

"Mi hija, you look just like your madre." the man Leo referred to as 'Alejandro', said and I frowned and moved away as he tried to get closer.

"I'm not your daughter, you lost those rights when you signed them over." I spat and the man frowned, before nodding and moving back. I could tell Eddie was fuming, as I stepped back to Leo, lifting Thiago up from the ground, as he was getting fussy and tired of standing.

"Is that your son?, we always wanted you and Leo to get married and start a family, but with the adoption it never worked, but I'm glad you two found each other." the woman said smiling and I just blinked, this time I was angry.

"He's not my son, but he might as well be, and you have no right to say anything about my life when you chose to stay away from it." I said, my eyes filling with tears. These people seemed great, then why did they abandon me and my brother?

"I know you're upset, but please believe me when I say that I hated giving you away, you were born and created with love, and you were taken away from us." Elena whispered and I raised an eyebrow.

"Taken?, how do you mean?." Eddie said, speaking for the first time. Elena sighed and gestured that we should sit down. We ordered some coffee and waited for her to explain.

"You're padre is from Argentina, and I was born in Argentina, but my parents are from Iran, now you have to realize that within my parent's culture, it's extremely unaccepted to marry someone who's not Iranian, when I met your padre and fell in love, they were both against it, but I never listened and married him anyway. My parents disowned me and kicked me out of the house a couple of days before we got married, I thought I finally got rid of them until I got pregnant and by the time I was about to give birth, they showed up again, acting as if they cared. They apologized and I was dumb enough to forgive them, they ended up taking you and Eduardo from me, giving you away, since they thought of you as bastards, and then they tried to take me away but your padre rescued me and they went away." she said and I just sat there, emotionless.

"If all if this is true, then why has our parents never said anything?, how can we trust you?" Eddie said calmly, whilst I just sat there, shocked.

"They're good people Eddie, I've grown up with them, they wouldn't lie about something like this." Leo said, wrapping his arms around me, whilst I held Thiago. Eddie just sighed and looked at me.

"You mean to say that I've been growing up with lies?, that my own parents that I love more than anything have been lying to me?" I said softly and they all looked at me sympathetically. I frowned.

"I'm sorry but I can't trust you who just showed up more then two people that have raised me since I was a baby, I think you've done enough damage." I sad, getting up and walking out of the café, leaving Thiago with Leo. I couldn't believe this was happening, but I think I made the right decision. I can't trust people I just met, compared to my parents, right?
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Chapter 14

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