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I Need Your Love

Life is the flower for which love is the honey

- Carolina:
I had spent the last few hours, packing up. Yesterday I moved my stuff into Leo's house, and it got late by the time we were done, so I fell asleep, leaving all the unpacking for today. Leo had helped me a little, before he had to leave and sort some paperwork out for the adoption. Every since I had agreed to adopt Thiago and move in, he had seemed very eager, as he started working on things quickly. Thiago entered the bedroom, his tiny feet padding across the room, and he giggled when he spotted me.

"Mama play!" he said, grabbing my finger and pulling me up. I smiled and got up, letting him lead me to the living room, where he had some of his toys splattered on the ground. We ended up playing with cars and I smiled whenever Thiago giggled and clapped his little hands, I couldn't understand people who didn't like children, I mean how can you resist kids?

"Hola mis vidas, qué estás haciendo??" Leo asked, stepping into the living room, nearly scaring me to death. I glared at him playfully and he just smiled widely, kissing me softly, before joining me and Thiago on the floor, grabbing a car and joining our game.

"What's got you all smiley?" I mused, raising my eyebrow at the huge smile that was plastered on his face.

"You and Thiago, I'm always smiley around you two." he said and I smiled.

"Flattery won't get you anywhere, I know you well enough to see when you're hiding something-" I said and he laughed, before reaching into his pocket, puling out a paper that he'd folded so it would fit his pocket, making it all wrinkly. I gasped when I saw what it was.

"You just need to sign." he said softly, and I bit my lip. He had fixed the adoption papers, and gotten them signed by a judge and his lawyer, including his own signature, all there was left was for me to sign my name at the designated empty spot. I swallowed before grabbing a pen, looking at Leo and Thiago, before smiling and scribbling my name on the paper.

"You shouldn't fold a paper this important." I said as I handed it over to him. Leo smiled widely before grabbing me and twirling me around.

"I was second guessing you there for a moment, I thought you changed your mind." he said and I just laughed.

"No silly, you just caught me off guard, I didn't think you'd get the papers that quick." I said and he smirked.

"Well I'm Lionel Messi, things are bound to happen quickly." he said and I rolled my eyes.

"Very funny mister arrogant, now how about helping me unpack?, I've already talked Thiago into helping me, you're next hombre." I said and he laughed before nodding, lifting Thiago up and stepping into the bedroom. I chuckled before joining them and starting to straighten up the mess. We ended up spending the next two hours sorting out my stuff, and we had some fun in between as well. Thiago thought it would be fun to mess up all the clothes that Leo and I had been folding over, making me laugh. And for some reason Leo thought it was ok to rummage through my underwear, making me throw a pillow at him, which resulted in a pillow fight. Then we had to clean all over again, making things twice as hard. It was difficult, but I wouldn't have it any other way. I loved my boys and I couldn't wait to spend more time with them, especially now that I was living here.
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Chapter 18

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