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I Need Your Love

Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same

- Carolina:
It had been two weeks since Leo called it quits, and I hadn't heard from him, and there's been no paperwork arriving at my doorstep as of yet. Things have been difficult, I still loved him more than anything and it hurt to not be with him and Thiago. But at the same time I felt hurt and angry over what he's done, so I didn't want to talk to him. After spending a couple of more nights at Shakira's, I decided that I'd over stayed my welcome, and left to Eddie's house. Eddie was in Argentina at the moment, trying to sort things out. I sighed as I plopped down on the couch and grabbed my phone, deciding to call mom.

"Hola mi hija." she answered softly and I swallowed thickly, tears running down my face. I still couldn't stop crying.

"Hola mami." I answered and she sighed.

"How are things?" she asked softly and I broke down.

"Shhhh mi hija, I know it hurts, Lionel has been an idiot lately and your papa finally agreed to something I said." she said and I laughed slightly whilst crying.

"I just don't understand how this happened?, Was I doing something wrong in helping my brother?" I whispered.

"Not at all mi hija, you did the right thing and if he doesn't realize it, then he's just a jerk, he doesn't deserve you and he'll never find anyone like you ever again." she said and I sighed.

"How are things over there?" I asked and she sighed.

"Well your papa is furious over what Lionel did to you, so he refuses to talk to the Messi's, and Eduardo is here with us, things haven't really made any progress." she said and I sighed.

"You need to sit down and talk with all of them, including the Messi's, and just try to agree to something that'll make everyone happy, I know Eddie wants to be in his child's life." I said softly, picking at my nails.

"I know, but it isn't easy with your padre refusing to talk with them, thank god Lionel's not here, your papa would have done something." she said and I just shook my head.

"Well, tell him to not over react, things between me and Leo ended over a disagreement, and I found out that he wasn't who I thought he was, so it's all for the better, I just need time to move on." I said and she sighed.

"I'll talk to him and try to convince him, but no promises." she said and I chuckled.

"Ok, but make him promise me to not hurt Leo of he heads over there, I don't want him hurt." I said, I had a feeling that Leo would turn up in Argentina sooner or later.

"Ok, but no promises on that one either, he's really angry." she said and I sighed.

"Tell papa that Leo has a child, and I love Thiago, no matter what happened between me and Leo, and the last thing that little boy need is seeing his papa hurt." I said and winced at the thought of Thiago's reaction.

"You care too much about everyone else and won't stop to look out for yourself, but I'll stop your papa if he goes too far, I know what you mean." she said and I sighed. We spoke some more before hanging up. I closed my eyes and wondered how things lead to this. One minute things were going great, and the next this happens. I shook my head and got up, it was not good to dwell on this for too long. As much as it hurt, Leo was now in the past, and I knew he'd never contact me again, so I needed to move on. Even if it hurt.

After a couple of more days of moping, I decided that I had enough. For all I knew, Leo wasn't hurt or moping around, so if he was having fun, then there was no reason I couldn't. Since I came here, I've had no chance to experience Barcelona's nightlife, since I'd been so caught up with Leo. I called Shakira, hoping that she could join me and head out tonight. I didn't really have the best contact with Daniella, she was best friends with Antonella, so she never liked that I was together with Leo, so she avoided seeing me most times. I dialed Shakira's number, waiting for her to answer.

"Hola chica!" she answered brightly and I smiled. She was always in a good mood.

"Hola Shak, are you free tonight?" I asked and she gasped.

"As a matter of fact I am, I've been waiting for you to call me so I can take you out, you need to get out chica." she said and I smiled.

"Well how about tonight?" I asked and she laughed.

"What about Leo?" she asked softly and I sighed. I needed to move on.

"I don't care, I need this." I said and she sighed.

"You're still in love with him aren't you?" she asked softly and I grimaced.

"I don't think I'll ever stop loving him, but sometimes love's not enough, what he did was stupid, and although I might love him, I won't go back." I said and got up from the couch.

"That's the spirit chica!, now why don't you come over and we'll head out." she said and I smiled and agreed. After putting on a dress and some makeup, I left the house. I was determined to have fun tonight, trying to get Leo off my mind.
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Chapter 22

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