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I Need Your Love

Cuando el amor no es locura, no es amor

- Carolina.
I arrived at Shakira's house a couple of minutes later. I knocked on the door and waited for someone to answer. The door opened revealing Gerard and Milan. I smiled at them and he let me in.

"Hola Caro, how are you?" Gerard asked, hugging me briefly, juggling Milan at the same time.

"It's been ok, I've been better, but I'm trying to move on." I said and he nodded.

"Has he tried to contact you?" he asked and I sighed.

"Nope, it's over Gerard, I love him but it's not enough, he's hurt me too much." I said and he nodded.

"I understand, how's Eddie?" he asked and I frowned.

"He's trying to talk Maria Sol over so he can spend time with his child, but it's not going that well." I said and he sighed. Soon Shakira joined us and smiled when she saw me.

"Chica!, you look gorgeous!" she said and I blushed.

"Thanks, you look great as always." I said and she just smiled. We talked for a bit more, before heading out, saying goodbye to Gerard and Milan. Shakira had called a cab, and Gerard would be picking us up, just so we could have some fun tonight. We arrived at some club and I smiled as Shakira dragged me in. Inside there were people dancing and there was loud music playing. Shakira pulled me towards the bar and ordered us something. I grabbed it and sipped it, grimacing slightly at the taste.

"That's a shot, you're supposed to drown it all in once." Shakira said after she took hers and I smiled sheepishly.

"Right, sorry I'm sort of new to this." I said and drowned the shot. I grimaced at the burn I got in my throat instantly and glanced at Shakira who was smiling at me.

"You'll get used to the burn." she said before dragging me to the dance floor. Dancing with Shakira was awkward, she was so good and I was so mediocre compared to her. Now I could dance, but I was in no way as good as she was. As I was dancing, someone pushed up against me and I turned around. My brown eyes met with a guys green eyes and I raised an eyebrow.

"You seemed lonely on the dance floor, mind if I join you?" he asked, smiling at me. I looked over at Shakira, but she wasn't there. I sighed, this was moving on and I needed to take the first step.

"Ok." I said and he smiled. We started dancing and he pulled me close to him. It felt a little uncomfortable, and I'd honestly rather have Leo close, but I knew I needed this if I wanted to move on.

"You're incredibly beautiful" the guy whispered in my ear and I swallowed. This didn't feel right.

"I'm Alex." he whispered again before turning me around, kissing me softly, catching me off guard. I gasped before pulling away quickly, wiping my mouth and leaving, pushing my way through the crowd, finding Shakira at the bar.

"You disappeared." I said to Shakira and she turned around, smiling at me.

"I saw that guy looking at you, I wanted to give you some space, now what happened." she said eagerly smiling at me.

"Nothing." I said softly and she raised an eyebrow.

"I saw you two dancing pretty close together, what's his name?" she asked excitedly and I sighed.

"Alex." I said and she smiled.

"Why did you leave?" she asked and I rolled my eyes.

"I didn't come here to find someone Shakira, besides it didn't feel right, it's too soon." I said and she nodded. As we got prepared to leave, someone cleared their throat from behind and I turned around. I gasped when I saw an angry looking Leo.

"So it didn't take you long to find someone else to fuck?" he growled and I gulped.

"We're done Leo, it's none of your business if I decide to go out." I said and he growled before stomping away. I sighed and turned around, seeing a furious Shakira.

"I can't believe him!, he's never acted this way before." she said and I just sniffed, tears running down my face already. She ushered me out of the club where Gerard was waiting, he sighed when he saw me and shook his head, but didn't say anything. We arrived at their house and they practically forced me to stay, not letting me go. I curled up on their couch, feeling miserable all over again. Why did I let Leo have this effect on me? One thing was sure, I'd never forgive him for what he's done, it's gone too far.
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