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I Need Your Love

The richest love is that which submits to the arbitration of time

- Carolina:
After my not so pleasant encounter with Leo, I decided to just give up on him, forget him. So far things had been going great. It had been about a month since I last saw him and I've felt better. I also gave Alex a chance, since I wanted to forget Leo. We'd been on a couple of dates so far, and he's great. But we're still only friends, since I'm not quite ready to get involved again, and he respects that. As for Leo, he's been trying to call, but I've been ignoring him. Eddie finally came back from Argentina, with bad news of course. He hadn't been able to talk Maria Sol into letting him be involved, so he was pretty miserable. I was at the minute, getting ready for another date with Alex, I had moved back all of my stuff to Eddie's house a couple of weeks ago. As I walked into the living room I gasped. In the living room sat the Messi's, including Leo, and our parents. I gulped and looked at Eddie, giving him a questionable look.

"Mi hija, it's so nice to see you again, I've missed you." mom said as she moved in to hug me. I hugged her tightly and smiled.

"I've missed you too mami." I whispered before moving on to dad. He smiled when he saw me and hugged me tight.

"I'm glad you feel better mi hija, especially after what that cabron did." he said, growling out the last part. I just rolled my eyes slightly. As I pulled away I just noticed the tension between dad and the Messi's, he clearly hadn't forgiven them yet, and Leo was looking down, not meeting anyone's gaze.

"Were you going somewhere?" a somewhat pregnant looking Maria Sol asked curiously. I sighed before nodding.

"Yes, I was meeting up with a friend, but I can cancel." I said and Leo looked up when he heard my voice. He looked at me intently and all I could see was sadness and sorrow. I mentally rolled my eyes, he chose now to feel sad?

"No, it's ok, go I know this is important, we'll be here when you're back." Celia said, smiling at me slightly. I nodded and hugged Eddie before leaving the house. As I stepped out of the house I spotted Alex's car and smiled.

"Hola hermosa." he breathed out as I got into the car, I smiled and leaned over to hug him. We arrived at a café we had both loved and I smiled as we made our way inside. We found a table and sat down.

"Is there something wrong?" he asked softly and I sighed.

"It's just my ex showing up again, but it's ok, nothing I can't handle." I said and he frowned.

"He doesn't deserve you." he said quietly and I just closed my eyes.

"You still have feelings for him, don't you?" Alex asked after a while of being quiet. I sighed and nodded, I didn't even bother to lie.

"It's difficult to just forget about someone you loved so much, and it's only been about a month so yes I still love him, but sometimes love's just not enough." I said and he nodded.

"You know I won't pressure you into anything, see this as a friendly date, until you feel ready to possibly move it to a real date." he said and I smiled, nodding.

"Thank you, that means a lot." I said, but I wasn't sure if I ever would get over Leo, there was something about meeting up with Alex that made me feel guilty, and I had a feeling that this feeling of guilt wouldn't disappear so easily. After spending about two hours together, it was time for me to go back home, and he drove me back. I sighed as I stepped into the house again, I had a feeling this wouldn't be nice.

"I'm back." I said softly, walking into the living room, where they were sitting. There was a clear split, Eddie sat with mom and dad, whilst the Messi's were on the other side of the room, on another couch. I sighed and plopped down next to Eddie. He wrapped his arm around me, sending glares towards Leo.

"Where were you?" Leo asked softly, making me look at him in surprise. His eyes were filled with sorrow and guilt and love, I sighed and swallowed before answering.

"Out with a friend, like I said before." I answered, a bit coldly and he nodded.

"Can we talk?" he asked, his eyes pleading. I closed my eyes before nodding. He got up and gestured for me that he wanted to talk in private. I went into my room and he came in after, closing the door.

"What is it you want to talk about?" I asked softly, sitting down on my bed.

"Lo siento about everything, I've been angry over your brother and my sister, and I've taken it out on you, pushing you away, insulting you." he whispered and I sighed, feeling the same wave of tears that had been haunting me for the last month, come back. I took a deep breath, I wasn't going to cry in fron of him.

"I wish I could forgive you, I truly do, but as much as I love you, it's not enough to forgive you." I said softly, looking down. He sighed and sat down next to me, but keeping his distance.

"Te amo." he said brokenly and I shook my head, a couple of tears escaping my eyes.

"It doesn't work that way Leo, you really hurt me, I waited days for you to come back and apologize like you're doing now, but you never showed up, instead you called me to break up and then later showed up at the club, insulting me in the worst way possible, you've hurt me more than anyone ever has, and that's why love's not enough." I said, keeping my head down. I knew that if I looked at him, I'd crack and break down, that's not what I was aiming at.

"Please, I'll do anything to get us back, I can't be without you." he whispered, nudging my head up with his finger, pressing his forehead against mine. And then I broke down, sobbing hard over everything that had happened. He immediately hugged me close to him. After crying for a while, I pulled away and looked at him.

"I need time Leo, time away from you, time to pick myself back up, and then we'll see what happens." I said softly and he frowned but nodded anyways.

"What about Thiago?" he asked softly and I sighed.

"He's the only reason I'm even considering forgiving you, I love him and I can't abandon him, he doesn't deserve it, he's had enough with Antonella." I said and Leo nodded, smiling gratefully. I stepped out of my room, and Eddie glared at Leo as he noticed that I had been crying. Dad did the same, I just shrugged and sat down next to them again. I knew Leo wouldn't give up, and I had a feeling he'd be around more often now, trying to prove himself to me. I just didn't know if I could ever truly forgive him.
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