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I Need Your Love

Everything is clearer when you're in love

- Carolina:
It's been a month since Antonella came back and there's no sign of here yet, but I'm still worried. I've been feeling strange. I'd been throwing up and feeling dizzy. I blamed it on the flu Thiago had about a week ago, I must have caught it, because Leo was sick at the same time as well. I sighed and got up from the bed, where I had spent most of the afternoon, and clutched my stomach as another wave of nausea hit me. I took a deep breath and shook it off. Eventually it disappeared and I walked into the living room, greeted by Leo and Thiago. Leo looked at me concern written all over his face.

"How are you feeling mi amor?" he asked as I sat down and I sighed.

"Still feels like a bus ran me over, but I'm a little better." I said and he frowned.

"That's weird, if it was the flu you'd have a fever and be down and practically live in the bathroom." he said and I winced as the nausea hit again.

"It could just be a food poisoning or the starts of the flu, it's only been two days Leo." I said and he nodded.

"Mama?" Thiago mumbled and I smiled at him, but kept my distance. I didn't want him to catch whatever I had, he had already been sick.

"Mami's a little sick baby, but I'll be fine soon." I said and he pouted, stretching out his arms and I frowned. Leo grabbed Thiago and set him on his lap.

"Mami está enferma mi hijo, ella realmente quiere abrazarte, pero mami tiene miedo usted cogerá su gripe." Leo said and I smiled at Thiago.

"Te amo Thiagui." I said and he giggled. Suddenly the nausea got worse and my eyes widened before I rushed to the bathroom. I heard Leo curse and I just made it to the toilet before I threw up, emptying the contents of my stomach fully. Leo moved my hair away and whispered comforting words in my ear, rubbing my back. When I was done, I got up and leaned against the wall, as my legs felt like jelly. Leo pressed a wet towel against my forehead before giving me my toothbrush. I smiled at him weakly and brushed my teeth.

"Are you ok amor?" Leo asked and I nodded, sighing.

"Yes, I'm just tired." I said and he nodded, lifting me up and carrying me to the bedroom. He laid me down on the bed and sort of tucked me in, making me laugh. He leaned down and kissed me softly.

"You shouldn't have done that, you'll end up being sick." I said and he laughed.

"You took care of me and Thiago when we were sick, this is the least I can do, besides I don't care." he said and I smiled.

"Sleep and promise me to relax, te amo querida." he said, kissing me again.

"I love you too, remember to make sure Thiago doesn't have anymore chocolate, unless you want him up all night." I said before he left and he rolled his eyes and smiled at me.

"Relax mi amor!" he said and I laughed. I closed my eyes and fell asleep soon afterwards.
* * *
I woke up with a massive headache and the nausea again. I groaned when I realized it was three am, and Leo slept soundly next to me, his arm loosely wrapped around me. I got up and ran to the bathroom again. After throwing up, I brushed my teeth and went into the living room, since I knew I wouldn't be able to fall asleep again. I turned the lights on and grabbed my phone, playing candy crush, just to get my mind off things.

"What are you doing up mi amor?" Leo asked as he walked into the living room, sitting down next to me on the couch.

"I got sick again, what woke you up?" I asked and he sighed.

"You weren't in bed and I got a bit worried, you should've woken me up nena." he said and I shook my head.

"I'm fine, and I can handle myself Leo." I said and he smiled.

"I know you can amor, but I'm just worried." he said and I smiled.

"Can I ask you something amor?" Leo said and I laughed.

"Of course Leo." I said and he smiled.

"Could all of this be a side effect of your period?, I mean you've mentioned before that you sometimes feel sick during your period." He said and I frowned.

"No, I've never been this sick, but now when you say it, what's the date today?" I asked, feeling somewhat suspicious.

"October 31st amor, why?" he asked and I froze, getting up to check my calendar. I gasped as I checked the dates over and over again.

"What is it querida?" Leo asked, getting up and wrapping his arms around me.

"I'm late." I said softly and he furrowed his eyebrows.

"Late for what?" he asked and I sighed.

"Late as in my period's late Leo." I said softly and he gasped.

"Could it possibly mean..?" he said and I nodded.

"What are the side effects of pregnancy?" I asked and he sighed.

"Nausea and vomiting, dizziness as well, I can't believe I didn't notice." he said and I just shook my head.

"I didn't either, and remember that we still don't know for sure, I need to get a pregnancy test in the morning." I said and he nodded, pulling me close.

"A baby." he said and a wide smile spread across his face, whilst he put his hand on my stomach. I laughed and nodded.

"Possibly." I said and he kissed me. I smiled into the kiss and wrapped my arms around his neck.

"I can't believe I might be a papa again, this is incredible!" he said and I smiled.

"What would you like?, another boy or a girl this time?" I asked, feeling somewhat excited already, even though I didn't know for sure.

"A little girl would be amazing, but I don't care, as long as our baby is healthy." he said and I nodded.

"You know, there might be a chance that it's twins, since I'm a twin and it's in my genetic system." I said and he smiled.

"That would be adorable, I'm just so happy right now amor, you've already given me the gift of being an amazing mother to Thiago, and now you're possibly giving me the gift of another child, te amo querida, gracias por todo." he said and I kissed him.

"There's nothing you have to thank me for Leo, I love you and Thiago more than anything, and I'm really excited for us to have another baby." I said and he smiled. Eventually we went back to bed and I woke up around noon. I decided to call Shakira, Leo had gone to training, but not before buying about six different pregnancy tests with a note attached, saying that I should call him for the results. I laughed slightly as he had gotten way too many tests, one or two would have ben sufficient. I dialed Shakira's number and waited for her to pick up.

"Hola Caro!" she answered happily and I smiled.

"Hey Shak, I have to tell you something." I said and grinned.

"Spit it out chica!" she said and I laughed.

"I might be pregnant." I said and she squealed.

"I'm pregnant too, I was going to tell you today, I took a test yesterday that came out positive." she said and I smiled.

"I'm so happy for you, does Gerard know?" I asked, sitting down on the couch.

"Si, he was there, have you taken a test?" she asked and I sighed.

"No, not yet but I'm pretty sure I am pregnant, Leo bought a billion different tests before heading to training and I was wondering if you'd like to get here and keep me company?" I asked and she squealed again.

"Of course, it'll be amazing to be the first who knows the first, I'll be there soon." she said and we hung up shortly after that. A couple of minutes later there was a knock on the door and I answered, revealing a smiling Shakira, who stepped in quickly.

"Go do the tests now, I'm so excited." she said and I laughed before grabbing the tests and heading to the bathroom. I came out about five minutes later, waiting for the results to come in.

"We have to wait about ten minutes or so." I said and she nodded.

"Did you take them all at the same time?" she asked and I nodded.

"Yes, I'm so nervous!" I said and she chuckled. When the ten minutes were up, my phone made a beeping alarm that I had put. I took a deep breath before grabbing the tests, without looking at them. I couldn't do it alone.

"You have a look at it Shak, I can't." I said and she nodded. She took a look and a huge smile spread across her face.

"¡Felicidades! Vas a ser una madre Carolina!" she said and I smiled, tearing up slightly, before grabbing one of the tests and taking a picture, sending it to Leo. He called me soon afterwards.

"¿Es verdad mi amor?" he whispered as soon as I picked up and I smiled.

"Si Leo, sos va a ser un papá." I said and he laughed.

"Te amo mucho querida, I'll be home as soon as I can." he said excitedly and I laughed.

"I love you too Leo, I'll see you soon." I said and we hung up. I smiled at Shakira, I couldn't wait to be a mother!
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