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I Need Your Love

Being in love is the only transcendent experience

- Carolina:
I had spent an hour in Thiago's room, and by now Thiago had woken up. I sighed as I still heard them fighting in the living room and I wiped my eyes, smiling at Thiago.

"Hey baby, did you have a good night's sleep?" I cooed and he smiled sleepily, before yawning. I smiled at him and grabbed him, placing him against my hip and carrying him out of the room, holding him lose to me so I could block all the yelling. As I passed the living room to enter the kitchen, they all suddenly stopped yelling, looking at me and Thiago. My eyes searched after Leo, and I saw him sitting in the corner, holding his head and running a hand through his hair. I frowned and stepped over to him.

"Amor?, are you ok?" I whispered in his hear, crouching down to look at him. He moved away one of his hands that were covering his face and my heart ached at the painful look he had on his face. I kissed him softly before handing Thiago over to him.

"Why don't you go and fix Thiago's breakfast whilst I handle this, you don't deserve this Leo, I love you." I said, and he wrapped his arms around me tight before kissing me.

"Gracias." he whispered and I nodded, shooing him away to the kitchen. I turned around and glared at them all, I had enough, it was one thing to hurt me, but hurting Leo was the limit for me.

"Can't you see how childish you're all being?, Grown men and women, fighting and yelling at each other like little kids?" I spat loudly, anger shining through my eyes. They all looked down, not saying anything.

"The fact that it isn't obvious for you to forgive Leo and accept your grandchild is disgusting." I said, turning to my parents.

"And that you can't bother to see that your son is happy, is also crazy." I added, looking at Leo's family. They all looked down and I assumed that they were feeling ashamed. I took one look at Eddie and shook my head. He was staring at the wall, completely nonchalant, whilst standing next to Maria and having his hand on her stomach protectively.

"And you, I was there for you when they all turned their backs on you, and now you won't even bother to be there for me?, some twin brother I have." I whispered, shaking my head as the tears ran down my face. I cleared my throat.

"If you can't bother to be welcoming, then I want you to leave, this isn't going to change anything. I love Leo, and I Thiago and this baby, they are my life, and you can't stop me from living it." I said, leaving them to think. I entered the kitchen and Leo wrapped his arms around me.

"I think you made a point,querida." Leo pointed out as things turned quiet again.

"I hope so, I'm tired of this and at the same time I don't want them out of our lives." I said, sighing and leaning my head on his shoulder.

"Me too querida, we should probably get back." he whispered, before kissing me softly. I nodded and grabbed Thiago, who was done with his breakfast. I placed him against my hip, holding him, following Leo in to the living room again. We stood on the same spot we were before, and he wrapped his arm around me. They were all staring at us and I sighed. Suddenly dad cleared his throat and I looked at him hopefully.

"We've thought and had a slight discussion about what you said, in the end of the day we've all agreed that we want to be in your life, especially with our grandchildren, so we called it a truce." he said and I smiled, hugging him with one arm. He kissed my cheek and smiled at me.

"I'm proud of you mi hija." he whispered and I laughed. Next, I hugged mom and everyone else. We spent the rest of the night just talking and catching up. I however noticed that Eddie had chosen to ignore me, it hurt, but I let him choose what he wanted to do, in the end he was the one losing me, and there was nothing I could do about it, especially not since he already made up his mind.

"When are you due?" Maria asked and everyone looked at me curiously.

"I'd say sometime late june or early july." I said and she nodded.

"That's amazing, it could be around Leo's birthday." Celia said and Leo smiled widely, putting his hand on my stomach. I just laughed and nodded.

"We'll hope so then." I said and they laughed. Eventually they left and I sighed as I helped Leo clean up the dishes.

"That went well." Leo said, wrapping his arms around me and I smiled.

"Yes, it did." I said and he kissed my cheek, placing his hand on my stomach.

"I'm sorry about Eddie." he said, hugging me. I sighed and shook my head.

"He made his choice, and I made mine." I said, shrugging and he frowned. It was the truth, maybe he wasn't the brother I thought I knew.
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Chapter 32

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