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I Need Your Love

All mankind love a lover

- Carolina:
A bit more than a month, went by and Neymar was still pestering me. Since I didn't answer his phone calls, he started sending flowers with different kinds of poems attached. I wanted to be mad, but I felt sorry for him, he was apparently feeling something pretty strong, and I didn't respond to that. I love Leo more than anything. I was by now in my 8th month of pregnancy, and all signs pointed that I'd probably give birth earlier, in June instead of July. Leo was secretly hoping to share his birthday with our daughter and I couldn't help but smile at the thought, but it was unlikely since it was june 23rd today. I still hadn't told Leo about Neymar, and I wanted to keep it that way, for as long as I could. I was currently in the living room whilst Leo was in the kitchen preparing lunch. I got up to join Leo in the kitchen and winced at the slight pain coming from my abdomen. I'd had braxton hicks for a couple of nights now, keeping me up at night.

"Are you ok amor?, you're pale." Leo said as I entered the kitchen and as I opened my mouth to answer, I gasped as an intense wave of pain ran through me, far worse then last time. I felt something wet make it's way down my legs and as I looked down, my eyes widened at the pool of water. Leo had turned away briefly to turn the stove off and I whimpered.

"I think my water just broke." I said and he immediately turned around, hurrying to my side and ushering me out of the kitchen, grabbing Thiago and the baby bag we had organized.

"How much is it between the contractions mi amor?" Leo asked and I sighed, I had just had one major one, and the rest weren't that painful.

"I'd say a bit over 15 minutes apart, I've only had one major though, I don't think our daughter's ready to pop out yet." I said and he nodded. We got into the car and Leo sped to the hospital, whilst calling our parents at the same time. We needed someone to look after Thiago.

"Your parents will be there to get Thiago, remember to take deep breaths amor." he said and I nodded.

"Can you tell mami that I want her there?, she's been through this once and I know this'll be extra painful." I said and he nodded.

"Of course querida, both your madre and mine will be there, not to mention that I'll never leave your side amor." he said and I smiled. By the time we arrived at the hospital, my contractions were more painful and I gritted my teeth as we walked in and were greeted by our parents. Mami and Celia immediately rushed to my side and I smiled weakly as Leo went to the receptionist, getting us help.

"Breathe mi hija, did your water break?" mom asked and I nodded, taking deep breaths.

"That's great amor, now I'm not going to lie and tell you that this'll be idyllic, because it won't, it'll hurt and there will be moments where you wish you'd never gotten pregnant, but then comes the moment where you're child will be with you and that numbs out the pain." she said and I groaned.

"As much as I appreciate your advise mami, now isn't the right time." I said and bit my lip at the pain. She nodded and helped me into the wheelchair that a nurse was holding. As I was being rolled into the room, I couldn't help but scream, the contractions were torturous by now. They helped me into the bed and our midwife joined us immediately, putting my legs on the stirrups, examining me quickly.

"You'll give birth sometime today senorita, but I'm afraid that you're only 3 cm dilated, and you need to be at least 10." she said and I groaned, all this pain and I was only 3 cm dilated?

"It has to do with me senora, I had a terrible birth experience with Carolina and her brother, it runs in the family." Mom said and I cursed loudly.

"Lionel Andrés Messi, if you ever try to touch me again, I'll kill you!" I spat angrily and cursed at him. He winced but held my hand anyway.

"You're doing so great mi amor, it's just a couple of more hours." he whispered, kissing me softly. After ten hours of intense pain and screaming, the midwife finally told me that it was time and I thanked God that it would be over soon.

"Ok, now I want you to take deep breaths, and push on the count of three." the midwife said as Leo held my hand and our mothers stood on the other side of my holding my other hand. I nodded quickly and she smiled, I took deep breaths as she counted to three and I pushed as hard as I could, screaming, squeezing their hands hard.

"Amor it's almost over, one more push nena!" Leo said after I'd been pushing for a while and I nodded, gathering strength before giving a final push. I felt something leave me and a our baby's cry filled the room.

"Congratulations, it's a girl!" They said and I laughed through my tears, reaching out for her as they placed her on my chest for a while, as they got things ready to cut the umbilical chord.

"Hermosa, como tu mami mi hija." Leo whispered and placed a kiss on our daughters forehead before kissing me softly.

"Gracias mi amor." he whispered and I smiled as I noticed the tears in his eyes, probably matching my own, I was a crying mess.

"Do you want to cut the umbilical chord senor Messi?" the nurse asked and he nodded eagerly, cutting the umbilical chord when he was told when. They grabbed our daughter to clean her and I smiled at Celia, mami and Leo.

"She's precious Carolina." Celia said and I smiled at her.

"What are you going to name her?" mom asked eagerly and I frowned, looking at Leo. We hadn't really discussed names.

"What do you think Leo?" I asked and he smiled shyly.

"How about Thalia?" he asked shyly and I smiled before nodding.

"It's perfect, how long have you been thinking about this?" I asked and he blushed slightly, before clearing his throat.

"A while." he said and I laughed.

"Welcome to the world Thalia Maria Messi Alvarez." I whispered and they all smiled. I was already in love with my baby girl, and I couldn't wait to introduce her to her brother and the rest of the family.
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