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I Need Your Love

Love takes up where knowledge leaves off

- Carolina:
"Amor, where are you?, I need to ask you something." I heard Leo say as he walked into the house and I smirked. We had arrived back in Barcelona a week ago, and Leo was getting ready for el clasico.

"In the kitchen Leo." I called out and Thiago laughed from where he sat on the table and I smiled. Leo walked in and smiled, kissing me softly.

"How are you feeling amor?, and where's Thalia?" he asked and I laughed.

"I'm perfect and your daughter is napping." I said, gesturing to the baby monitor and he smiled.

"How would you feel about getting married soon?, To elope?" he asked me eagerly and I blinked, trying to digest what he had said.

"Why the rush?" I asked softly, knowing that there was something that had brought this on.

"I want you as my wife nena, there's no other reason, I'm just impatient." he said, shrugging and I raised an eyebrow, no believing him fully. I had a feeling this had to do something about him trying to prove that I'm his to Neymar. I sighed and looked at him.

"Tell me this hasn't got anything to do with Neymar, and I'll say yes." I said and Leo groaned.

"How did you notice?" he said, giving up.

"It's written all over you Leo, I love you and you know I can't wait to be your wife, but I don't want to rush it because of Neymar." I said and he sighed.

"That's only part of the reason mi amor, I really do want you as my wife right now, I want you to share my name, call it being possessive if you want, but it's a guilty pleasure of mine." he said and I chuckled.

"That is possessive hombre, however I have to say the idea is tempting, how soon are you thinking?" I said and he grinned widely.

"Next week?" he said and I gulped.

"Leo, our wedding should be something that we cherish and remember, not something we rushed through." I said and he nodded.

"But we'll plan it this week amor, in fact I've secretly started planning already." he said and I frowned.

"Lionel Andrés Messi, how long have you been hiding this from me?" I said, crossing my arms over my chest. He gulped and embraced me.

"Every since Thalia was born." he said and I gasped, hitting his shoulder lightly.

"That's weeks ago!" I said and he nodded.

"Just say yes mi amor, everything else is ready, you only need to answer and pick a dress, trust me on this." he pleaded, looking into my eyes and I smiled and nodded, giving in.

"Promise me that it isn't anything extravagant?" I said and he smiled.

"No it's small and simple, only family and friends invited, I had an extravagant wedding with Antonella because she wanted it to be big and flashy." he said and I flinched as he mentioned his ex.

"Ok then, but I trust you on this Leo." I said and he grinned, kissing me softly.

"Gracias amor!" he said and I just laughed. Suddenly the baby monitor went off and I walked in to the nursery and grabbed Thalia, smiling at her.

"Bueno mi amor, papá está aquí." I cooed and she yawned as I walked out of the nursery. Leo smiled at us and grabbed Thiago, whilst I went to get Thiago. I had a feeling he would start to feel a little jealous, and I didn't want that to happen, so I figured I'd try and give him some attention as well.

"Como te extrañaba mi amor!" Leo cooed and I smiled.

"Tu tambien mi hijo, te amo." Leo said, turning to Thiago and kissing his forehead. Thiago cuddled close to me and watched Leo with Thalia.

"Lia?" Thiago mumbled and I laughed, gesturing to Leo to sit down with her on the couch. I then sat down next to him with Thiago on my lap. Thiago leaned over and looked at his sister, before smiling and stroking her head softly. It was the cutest thing to see.

"Es pequeña." Thiago clarified making me and Leo laugh.

"Si mi amor, but she'll grow up to be bigger soon." I cooed and Thiago laughed.

"Eddie got qualified to play for Argentina." Leo said softly as we watched tv a while after and I sighed.

"How did you find out?" I asked and he just smiled.

"I'm captain amor, I was with them making the decision." he said and I nodded.

"I'm happy for him, does he get to play for the world cup next summer?" I asked, playing with Thiago's fingers.

"Si, he's a great player, no matter how much of a jerk he is." Leo said and I laughed.

"I miss him Leo." I said softly and he frowned.

"I know you do mi amor." he whispered and I sighed.

"Do you think I should call him?" I asked, it had been over two months and he hadn't even seen Thalia.

"Do whatever feels right to you amor, personally I think he needs to grow up and call, but I know how much you miss him, so the decision is yours." he said and I sighed.

"I'll call him, he's always been the stubborn one." I said softly and Leo nodded. I grabbed my phone and bit my lip before dialing Eddie's number. Leo grabbed my hand and I squeezed his hand, cuddling closer to Thiago, as I waited for Eddie to answer.

"Hola?" he answered and I took a deep breath.

"Hey Eddie." I said softly and I heard him sigh.

"Carolina." he said simply and I frowned.

"I miss you Eddie." I said and Leo moved closer to me, wrapping his arm around me and Thiago, placing Thalia in the middle of us.

"Why did you call Caro?" he said after a while and I just broke down, crying.

"Because I miss my brother, since when did I need a reason, no matter what happened between us, I love you Eddie." I said, sniffing and trying to keep from sobbing.

"Things change Caro." he said coldly and I leaned my head against Leo's shoulder. I didn't want to cry in front of our children, they didn't deserve it.

"I thought family never changed." I said simply, and I heard Leo curse quietly.

"It does when you prioritize your boyfriend over me." he said and I sighed.

"I didn't do that, if you remember correctly I was supporting you." I said and he sighed.

"I'm not talking about that, he hurt you and you let him back in without even considering to listen to what I had to say, and then you went and got pregnant, not even caring about my opinion, as if I didn't matter anymore." he spat and I closed my eyes.

"I'm sorry you felt that way, I love him Eddie, and no matter how much he'd hurt me, I was always going to end up with him, I can't live without Leo, I know that's difficult for you to understand, you've never been fully supportive of our relationship." I said carefully, watching what I was saying, the last thing I needed was for Eddie to blow up again.

"It doesn't matter, It's either him or me, and you've obviously made that decision, goodbye Caro." he said before hanging up and I whimpered.

"He's an idiot." Leo said softly as he had been listening and I nodded, but bursting into tears anyways. I knew I had lost my brother, and it hurt more than anything in the entire world.
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