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I Need Your Love

The giving of love is an education in itself

- Carolina:
Every since I spoke to Eddie, I had been feeling down. I knew Eddie was a jerk, but I couldn't help but miss him, we had never been apart in our lives, since the birth, and suddenly losing him was hard. But I didn't let my feelings show around Leo and our children anymore, I kept it to myself, they didn't deserve to have me moping around all the time, and I needed to put all my energy on them. I was tired of constantly moping around and hoping for a change, when it wasn't going to happen, and Leo had been worried and skipping training to be with me, something that made me feel guilty. I sighed and ran a hand through my hair as I walked into the living room with Thalia, sitting next to Thiago. Leo had finally gone to training today and I was home with the kids. Our wedding was just in a couple of days, and I was currently waiting for mami, Shakira and Celia to come over so I could get a dress, very last minute.
There was a knock on the door and I smiled before picking Thalia up whilst holding Thiago as well.

"Hola mi hija!" Mom said as soon as I opened and grabbed Thiago from me. I smiled and hugged her.

"Hola, come in guys." I said and they smiled and stepped into the house.

"So are you ready to pick out a dress?" Celia asked and I smiled before nodding.

"Si, even though it's pretty last minute." I said and they laughed.

"Has Leo told you anything about the wedding?" Shakira asked and I shook my head.

"He wants to keep it a surprise and it's frankly driving me crazy." I said and she nodded.

"I can imagine, Gerard did the same and I was going mental with not knowing anything." she said and I laughed.

"I'm just worried about how it's going to be, it's seems impossible to plan a wedding in just a few weeks." I said and they smiled.

"He's been incredibly eager mi hija, and trust me when I say it's perfect." mami said, making me frown.

"Now you're just rubbing it in my face." I said and she laughed. I tied Thiago's shoes and put his jacket on, autumn was here and it was starting to get a little chilly here. After Thiago was ready, I wrapped Thalia in her blanket, and gently put her in the stroller, making sure that she was all covered. The last thing I'd want would be for her to catch a cold.

"Let's go then." I said, putting on my trench coat and leaving the house, locking the door after me. We got in the car and drove over to the bridal store. I took a deep breath as we got there and went inside the store. As soon as we got inside, all I could see was white dresses in different lengths and styles. I blinked and sighed.

"How am I supposed to find a dress in here?, There's way too many options." I said and the smirked.

"Well what do you think we are here for?" Shakira said and I rolled my eyes. I walked around in the store, looking through the rackets of dresses, trying to find something I liked. I sighed as I couldn't find anything and turned around to see Celia, Shakira and Mami holding about four dresses each that they wanted me to try on. I rolled my eyes and grabbed them, walking to the changing room. The first dress I tried had a sweetheart neckline and a poofy skirt, it was a typical princess dress. I grimaced as I looked like a cake. Nevertheless, I stepped out of the changing room and showed them the dress. They all furrowed their eyebrows before shaking their heads.

"Thank god because I look like a cake in this." I said, referring to the skirt and they laughed. I stepped into the changing room again and tried on the rest. None of the other dresses were right and I frowned as I stepped out again to search for something else.

"What about this?" Celia asked as she showed me a long sleeved lace dress that would cling to me tightly. I frowned and shook my head.

"It's gonna sit way too tight, I won't be fully comfortable in it I'm afraid." I said and she nodded, putting it away. After spending over two hours, I had given up. I plopped down on the couch next to the changing room and sighed.

"I'm never going to find a dress." I whined and they all laughed.

"It's normal chica, you're wedding dress is something special, if you don't feel like the most beautiful woman on the planet in it, then it isn't right and you have to keep looking, a wedding only happens once." Shakira said and I nodded, getting up again. As I looked through the dresses for what felt like the millionth time that day, I suddenly stopped. I had spotted a dress hanging hidden amongst the other dresses. I immediately grabbed it and examined it. It wasn't as loud and poofy as the others, this dress was elegant and simple. It was strapless and had a sweetheart neckline. The entire dress was in lace, and it was simply beautiful. There was a small belt across the waist with diamonds in the middle and I smiled.

"I found it." I said softly, going back to the others. They smiled and looked at the dress.

"Well go and try it on then!" They all said and I laughed. I stepped into the changing room and put it on. I couldn't help but smile at my reflection, for once in my life I felt truly beautiful. I stepped out of the changing room, smiling shyly and they gasped.

"You look absolutely beautiful mi hija." mami said, breaking the silence and looking at me, her eyes filling with tears. I smiled and twirled around slightly.

"Gracias mami." I said softly and she smiled.

"Your madre is right Carolina, you're flawless." Celia said and I laughed. I paid, or Leo did, for the dress and left the store. I frowned at how expensive the dress was and they just shook their heads.

"It's your wedding dress chica, please stop moping." Shakira said and I laughed.

"Oh you know how I feel about Leo spending money on me." I said softly and she laughed. We had agreed on Shakira keeping the dress at hers, since she was my maid of honor, so Leo wouldn't find it. I hugged them all as I arrived home and saw that Leo was home as well. I smiled and walked in, struggling slightly with Thiago in one hand and Thalia in the other. When Leo spotted me he smiled and grabbed Thalia from me, kissing me softly.

"Did you find a dress amor?" he asked and I nodded. He smiled widely and wrapped his arm around me.

"What does it look like?" he asked curiously and I raised an eyebrow. He groaned and buried his face in my neck.

"Please just give me a clue?" he asked softly and I laughed.

"It's white." I said smirking and he rolled his eyes.

"That's not fair." he whined and I chuckled.

"You just have to wait a couple of days amor." I said, kissing him softly. In a few days I'd be Mrs Lionel Messi, and I couldn't wait.
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