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I Need Your Love

A kiss is a rosy dot over the 'i' of loving

- Carolina:
It had been three months since me and Leo's wedding, and everything's been going perfect. Thalia is now five months old and Thiago's turning 3 in a couple of months. Leo was currently training and I was home at home, waiting for Shakira to come with Milan and Elias. Neymar hadn't showed up anymore after the wedding, which made both me and Leo happy. I however had a bad feeling, there was something strange about how sure Neymar was that Leo would hurt me. Almost as if he knew something. I shook my head as the doorbell rang and went to open it. I smiled when I saw Shakira.

"Hola chica!" she said and I hugged her, before grabbing Elias from her.

"Hola Shak, how are you?" I asked and she laughed before bringing up her hand. I gasped when I spotted the ring on her left hand and smiled.

"He proposed?" I said and she nodded excitedly.

"Aww I'm so happy for you and Geri." I said and hugged her again. We walked into the living room, sitting down and catching up. She had been on tour after me and Leo's wedding, and it had been two months since I saw her last.

- Lionel:
"When are you going to tell her?" Anto said, wrapping her arms around me. I sighed as I sat up in her bed, running a hand through my hair.

"It'll kill her." I mumbled making Anto scoff.

"Whatever Leo, you obviously don't love her if you came back to me." she said and I closed my eyes. Anto had showed up unannounced about a month ago, and it brought up old feelings, I couldn't help but give in to her. We had a long history and as much as I love Caro, Anto still has he place in my heart.

"It's not that easy Anto." I said, fiddling with my wedding ring.

"If you truly love me, then it's easy." she said and I frowned.

"We have a daughter." I mumbled and she sighed.

"So?, we had Thiago when we divorced." she said and I raised an eyebrow.

"Just give it time Anto, I'll tell her eventually." I said, getting up and pulling my sweatpants on. I pecked her lips before leaving her apartment, driving back home to Caro. I knew I had to tell her, but I still wasn't sure if I loved Anto, maybe this was wrong? I shook my head and concentrated on driving, thinking about everything Caro had done for me, and our children. I hadn't even considered that before I jumped into bed with Anto. I just hope this was all worth it.

- Carolina:
As I was putting the dishes in the dishwasher, the the door was opened and I smiled as I spotted Leo. I dried my hands and he stepped into the kitchen. I went over and hugged him. I noticed he smelled like women's perfume, but I shrugged it off, knowing that it probably was nothing serious. He had probably hugged someone.

"Hey." I said, and he wrapped his arms around me. I noticed there was this vacant look in his eyes, and his smile didn't quite reach his eyes.

"Hey amor." he said quietly and I furrowed my eyebrows. This wasn't like Leo at all.

"Are you ok?" I asked and he nodded quickly, pulling away before I could kiss him. I looked at him as he disappeared into the living room and frowned. There was clearly something wrong, and he wouldn't tell me. I joined him in the living room, where he was playing with Thiago. I picked Thalia up and kissed her cheek. She smiled and cuddled close to me.

"Mami!" she said and I froze. This was the first word she said. I glanced over at Leo, who was looking down, not acknowledging that our daughter had just said her first word. I shook my head and sighed, I'd have to talk to him later.

"Aww baby mami is so proud of you, te amo Lia." I cooed, kissing her cheek again. She just giggled and started mumbling things in her own baby language. I chuckled and sat her down, watching as she started crawling away to Leo and Thiago. What happened next shocked me, Leo completely ignored her as she tried to get his attention and as I noticed how she pouted, I got up and grabbed her before she started crying.

"Shh baby, papi's just distracted." I whispered and glared at Leo, who was still ignoring both of us. As Thalia finally calmed down, I put her next to her brother, before grabbing Leo's hand and dragging him into the kitchen. I closed the door slightly before crossing my arms and raising an eyebrow at him.

"Do you want to tell me what that was about?" I said firmly, my eyes glued on him.

"I'm just tired ok!, sorry." he mumbled coldly and I frowned.

"I know there's something wrong Leo, whatever it is, I don't think it's right to drag our children into it, even if it is something between us." I said quietly and he sighed before running a hand through his hair.

"I'm just having a hard time at training ok?, I'm sorry I'll try to keep our children out of it." he said, smiling at me reassuringly. Once again, I noticed that his smile didn't reach his eyes, it looked forced.

"Well since you're not telling me what's wrong, I better let you sort it out, I'll sleep on the couch tonight, and please think about what you just did to your daughter." I said, stepping out of the kitchen. There was something terribly wrong with Leo, and I couldn't help but wonder why. Things had been going great, and today he comes home like this?

After the kids had gone to sleep, Leo went into our bedroom and slammed the door shut, not even bothering on asking me to join him, to change my mind, like he always did when he had small fights. I sighed and grabbed a pillow and a blanket, curling up on the couch. I decided on calling Shakira, I needed to talk with someone about this, before I went insane. I dialed her number, and waited for her to answer.

"Carolina?" she answered and I sighed.

"Hola Shak." I said and closed my eyes.

"What's wrong?" she asked quietly.

"It's Leo." I said and she scoffed.

"What did he do?" she said seriously and I ran a hand through my hair.

"He just came home and acted so different, so vacant, he even ignored Lia's first word." I said frantically, trying to keep quiet at the same time.

"I don't get it?, I was over at yours just a couple of hours ago and then you said that things were going great." she said, and I just groaned, pulling the blanket over my head.

"I know, he just came home and acted so different, I'm worried, especially since he's refusing on telling me what's wrong." I said and she stayed silent for a while.

"It's very unusual for Leo to ignore one of his kids, I'll ask Geri to see if he knows something." she said finally and I just shook my head.

"Maybe I did something wrong?" I whispered, trying to think about something that could possibly had made him angry.

"It's not you this time chica, I'd say there's something he's hiding, I just hope it isn't something unacceptable." she said and I gulped.

"Like what?" I asked carefully.

"Cheating." she said seriously and I immediately shook my head, there was no way Leo would do that.

"No, he could do anything but that Shak, he'd never do that." I said firmly, mostly trying to reassure myself.

"We don't know that hermana, and if he did then I promise that he'll pay." she said softly and I sighed before hanging up. I couldn't sleep that night, the thought of Leo actually cheating started to make sense somehow. Granted, things had been going on well for us since we got married, but every since a month ago, he'd disappear on the weirdest times, blaming it on training. And I always bought it, but when I thought about it now, there was no way he could have training that often, and at those strange times. And the smell of perfume that he had on him today made me shudder. No, my Leo wouldn't do that, not the Leo I love. Never.
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