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I Need Your Love

The art of love is largely the art of persistence

I continued ignoring Lionel, if he wanted to be with me then he had to get that what Eddie said doesn't matter. As for Eddie, I decided to have a word with him as soon as we got alone. During breakfast, I caught Lionel staring at me multiple times, and every time I looked at him, I had the same butterflies in my stomach as before. After what I told him, he had tried to speak to me again, but I never said anything back. I sighed and went back into the kitchen and out of the bathroom, I had excused myself after not being able to bear with Lionel's staring.

"Are you ok?" Shakira asked as I took a seat next to her and I smiled slightly. I felt Lionel looking at me again, but this time I didn't let him get to me.

"Yeah I'm fine, I'm just tired, I've never been a morning person." I said and she laughed.

"It's noon, I think we passed morning a couple of hours ago." she said and I chuckled.

"I just woke up, so it doesn't matter, I still feel like it's morning." I mused and she smiled. I helped Eddie with the dishes after breakfast, but I didn't say anything, we just washed the dishes in silence. When we were done, I swiftly moved out of the kitchen, only to be grabbed by a pair of strong hands, pushing me into my room. I looked up and saw Lionel, I frowned and went to get to the door, but he locked it and stood in front of the door.

"I won't let you leave until we've spoken about everything." he said in spanish and I figured that he didn't want Eddie to be able to listen.

"There's nothing to speak of Lionel, we haven't done anything so you don't need to feel guilty." I said and he sighed loudly, stepping forward and pulling me against him, resting his arms around my waist. My breath hitched and I felt my hands starting to sweat, the adrenaline rushing through my body, when he touched me it felt like a fire erupted.

"There is, don't tell me you don't feel this." he said, gesturing between us with his hand. I sighed and looked away, only to have him gently turn my face towards him again.

"I said I wouldn't like to ruin things between you and your brother, but I never said anything about letting you go, I'm too selfish to let you go, I need you." he whispered and I sighed yet again.

"I don't know, how far would you go to try this?" I asked softly and he smiled.

"As far as I have to go, I don't care about what your brother said, he's a great friend but you're a grown woman." he said and I nodded, smiling at him slightly.

"So, will you have dinner with me tonight?, I already have the situation covered, Eddie will go out with everyone else tonight, and that'll be the perfect opportunity." he said and I closed my eyes, thinking about it for a minute. Could I really keep something like this from Eddie? I decided that I could, I felt like I needed to let things happen between me and Lionel, who knows, he might be the best thing that ever happened to me.

"Ok, but we have to keep it a secret from everyone, that means no public places, my brother will probably read up on magazines, he doesn't really trust us completely with this." I said and he raised an eyebrow.

"How do you know, he seemed pretty happy last night when I promised him to stay away." Lionel said, now playing with my hair slightly.

"I know my brother inside and out Lionel, he'll probably never trust this, so it's better to keep it down, at least until we decided that we want this to get stronger and continue, then we can face my brother and the rest of the world." I said and he nodded.

"So, dinner at my place?" he asked softly and I laughed before nodding.

"Great, I'll pick you up as soon as you tell me that Eddie left, and please call me Leo, Lionel is too formal." he said and I nodded. We got out of my room quickly and I got back to talking with Shakira, trying to be as discreet as possible, making sure that Eddie didn't suspect anything.

"Leo told me what you're going to do, if you need any backup anytime, you tell me and I'll be there, your brother is being a jerk." Shakira whispered quickly and I smiled before nodding gratefully at her. I could tell Shakira and I would be great friends.

"Has Leo told you about his son?" Shakira asked and my eyes widened slightly, he had a son and didn't tell me?

"No, he didn't" I said, frowning.

"He probably didn't want you to freak out, he has a one year old son named Thiago, he's the cutest thing in the entire world, I just wish I could say the same thing about his mother, she left Leo and Thiagui just after the little boy's first birthday, and she hasn't said anything after that, she only left with divorce papers. It tore Leo apart." she said and I frowned more.

"That's so cruel, but I don't want to be a rebound girl Shakira, he should've at least told me about his son, now I don't know what to think." I said and Shakira nodded.

"I can't believe he didn't tell you either, it's not in his nature to be dishonest Caro, and you won't be a rebound trust me, Leo hasn't been interested in any woman since Antonella left, you're the first and I can already see that you're different, he never looked at Antonella the way he looks at you." she said and I sighed before nodding slightly.

"I trust you Shakira, but I'll have to talk to him when he have dinner tonight, what is he going to do about his son?." I asked as I realized that we would have dinner tonight.

"I'm babysitting him tonight with Milan, things are going to be fine Caro, don't worry." she said and I gulped before nodding. After a while they all had to leave and I caught Leo winking at me before he left the house, and I couldn't help but smile a little. Eddie suddenly cleared his throat.

"What's got you so smiley?" he asked and raised an eyebrow. I just rolled my eyes and glared at him.

"You told Lionel to stay away from me didn't you?" I spat out, I was angry at him and now was the perfect time to bring it up. He sighed loudly and looked at me.

"Yes, so what, he's not good for you Carolina!" he growled out and I just rolled my eyes yet again.

"Who are you to deem what's good for me and not?" I asked and felt my blood boil.

"I'm your brother, I think I know." he said and I just shook my head.

"That's just it Eddie, you don't know at all, and this better be the last time you try to control me, or you won't be seeing me for a long time." I growled out before walking towards my room, he grabbed my hand before that.

"He has a son Caro, don't tell me you think he's good for you when he's had a son, a family with another woman, don't you think he'll use you just because he needs a mother figure for his son?" Eddie spat and I gasped before slapping him hard.

"That's an insult, not just towards Lionel, but to me as well, I've only known him for a couple of hours, but he'd never do that to anyone, and so what if he as a son?, that won't make a difference, I hope you think well about what you've done Eddie, and get that stick out of your ass." I said and slammed the door to my room shut. The last thing I would do, is let Eddie walk over me.
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