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I Need Your Love

Life without love is like a tree without blossoms or fruit

It had been a couple of days since Leo and I's first date, we'd been texting and talking over the phone a lot and today I was meeting Thiago for the first time. I had told Leo that it was too soon, but he insisted on me meeting him, and after arguing back and forth about it, he won. As for Eddie, he spends most his time outside the house, he's avoiding me as much as I'm avoiding him. The football game is tonight, and I was heading to Camp Nou, after meeting with Leo and Thiago. Eddie hadn't said anything about the game, and I was tempted to not go, but Leo convinced me to go, he said he wanted me there, even though we kept things secret, he wanted me there to see him play.

I was meeting Leo at his house, since we were trying to keep things a secret, we sort of couldn't meet out in the public alone, unless we were with friends. I was going to meet him around noon for lunch, and as it was only half an hour left til noon, I decided to get ready. This time I wore a plain blue sundress that went down slightly below my knees, and a black cardigan on top of it, I didn't like my arms so I usually hid them. I decided not to curl my hair this time, and leave it being wavy and messy, I added some makeup and grabbed my bag before leaving the room.

I had called a cab a few minutes before and by now it had arrived at the house. I got in and the driver started the car. I pulled out my compact mirror from my bag and checked my makeup. I was nervous about meeting Thiago, I knew how much he meant to Leo, and I wanted him to feel comfortable around me. I sighed as the car pulled up at Leo's house and I paid the driver before getting out of the car, walking up to Leo's front door, knocking quickly. The door opened and Leo smiled widely at me, kissing me quickly before ushering me inside. I smiled at him and grabbed his hand.

"Are you sure you want me to meet him?" I asked softly before Leo pulled me to the living room and he sighed.

"Yes Caro, I'm sure and he'll love you, don't be nervous." he said and I took a deep breath before nodding. Leo led me to the living room, where I was met by the cutest little boy in the entire world. Thiago was crawling around on the floor, and when he noticed that his dad entered he sat up and put his arms up, indicating that he wanted to be carried. I smiled as Leo eagerly lifted Thiago up, kissing his cheek.

"Mi hijo, éste es Carolina al amigo mío muy especial. ¿Ella es muy hermosa no?" he cooed to Thiago and I smiled. Thiago just gurgled in response, babbling in the way babies generally do, looking at me curiously before reaching his hands towards me, fussing in Leo's arms. Leo just laughed.

"I think he wants to be with you." he said and I smiled before swallowing nervously, grabbing Thiago carefully, holding him in my arms, against my hip. Thiago smiled and put his head on my shoulder. I smiled widely and moved to sit down on the couch, moving Thiago so he was now sitting in my lap. Leo joined us and sat next to me.

"Eres es muy parecido a su papá Thiagui, excepto que tienes pies y manos pequeños." I cooed and gently poked Thiago in the stomach, making him giggle. I smiled and kissed his cheek. When it was time for lunch, Thiago refused to get out from my arms and I just smiled as I gestured for Leo to go and set the table, I brought Thiago with me, placing him in his high chair, kissing his cheek tenderly. Leo was staring at us, a twinkle in his eyes.

"You're a natural with him, usually Thiago's not that keen of strangers, he only acts the way he just did with me and possibly my mama, it's incredible." Leo said and I just smiled.

"He's precious Leo, you have every reason to be proud of him." I said and Leo smiled widely, hugging me.

"Have you ever tried giving him some mashed bananas?, I've heard babies love it." I said and Leo shook his head. Thiago was still too little to eat complete solid food, but I figured I could try giving him some mashed bananas today.

"Would you mind trying it today?" I asked Leo and he shook his head.

"No, it sounds like a great idea." he said and I smiled, grabbing a banana, cutting up about half of it, before mashing it with a spoon. When I felt it was good enough, I replaced the bigger spoon I had used, with a smaller one, before moving to Thiago, taking a seat next to him. I placed the bowl on the table and smiled at Thiago.

"Tengo algo nuevo para ti hoy Thiago, ¿te gustaría probarlo?" I cooed and Thiago just smiled at me, his dimples showing. I smiled, he was seriously the cutest kid in the entire world. I grabbed the spoon and gathered some of the banana mush on it, guiding it to Thiago's mouth. At first he seemed a bit confused, before I opened my mouth and he mimicked me. I gently placed the spoon in his mouth and gave him the banana mixture. I watched as his little eye's widened and he smiled. I laughed and looked at Leo.

"It seems as if someone likes banana's from now on." I said and Leo chuckled, moving towards me, kneeling down and wrapping his arms around me. He smiled at Thiago, who was now clapping his hands excitedly, looking over from me to Leo. After lunch, Thiago was becoming a bit fussy.

"I think it's time for someone to have his nap." Leo cooed and lifted Thiago out of his chair and I smiled at them both as Leo disappeared to put Thiago to sleep. I gathered the dishes and put them in the dishwasher, washing my hands afterwards. I walked into the living room, expecting to find Leo there, but he wasn't there. I went into the bedroom and saw him struggling with a crying Thiago. I went over to them and gently put my hand on Leo's shoulder, he turned around and smiled at me.

"He's been having trouble sleeping since his mother left, it takes some time to get him to sleep." Leo said and I nodded. When Thiago noticed me, he reached his little hands to me and I looked at Leo. Leo nodded and I grabbed Thiago, cradling him in my arms. I started rocking him in my arms, and I suddenly remembered some sort of lullaby, I guess my mom used to sing it to me, and I wanted to try it on Thiago.

"Que linda manito que tengo yo, que linda y blanquita que Dios me dio
Que lindos ojitos que tengo yo, que lindos y negritos que Dios me dio
Que linda boquita que tengo yo, que linda y rojita que Dios me dio
Que lindas patitas que tengo yo, que lindas y gorditas que Dios me dio
Que lindas manitos que tengo yo, que lindas y blanquitas que Dios me dio
Que lindos ojitos que tengo yo, que lindos y negritos que Dios me dio" I sang, and at the end of the lullaby, Thiago had gone to sleep. I smiled and gently put him in his crib. Leo was staring at me, his mouth slightly open. I dragged him out of the room and as soon as we got out, he kissed me passionately.

"Where did you learn that lullaby?" he asked curiously, after he pulled away. I shrugged.

"I don't know, I just remember that someone used to sing it to me when I was little, might have been mom." I said and he raised an eyebrow.

"Does your mom know spanish?" he asked and I shook my head.

"Why are you so interested by the lullaby?, it probably is something I dreamed about." I said and he stared at me.

"My mami used to sing that to me, and my siblings, it's a very old lullaby we have in Argentina." he said and I raised an eyebrow.

"It could mean that at least one of your biological parents are from Argentina." Leo said and I sighed.

"Maybe, but you know I can't do anything." I said and he nodded, pulling me into his arms.

"You were amazing with Thiago, no one's been able to get him to sleep that fast, he loves you already." Leo said and I smiled.

"He's a wonderful little man, he's precious and I'm afraid he's got me wrapped around his little finger, I love him already as well." I said and Leo smiled widely.

"Good now this becomes way easier, will you be my girlfriend Carolina?" he asked and I giggled at how formal it sounded. I pretended to hesitate and I watched him panic for a minute, before I burst into a fit of laughter.

"Of course, I'd love to be your girlfriend Leo." I said after recovering and he sighed and relaxed.

"I almost thought you'd say no for a moment there." he said and I smiled before pecking his lips softly.

"I was already yours Leo, I just laughed since it sounded almost like a proposal, very formal." I said and this time he laughed. We spent the rest of our time together at the couch, just talking and cuddling. Eventually it was time for me to go, so I gently tiptoed into Thiago's room, bending down and kissing his tiny forehead gently.

"Adiós hombrecito, te veré pronto, cuida de tu papi." I whispered before heading out of the room. Leo smiled at me and hugged me tightly, before kissing me passionately.

"Bye nena, I'll see you at the game." Leo said after we pulled away and I smiled.

"Bye Leo, good luck I'll be cheering for you." I said and he smiled. I left the house with a big smile on my face, this went great.
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