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Opaque Innocence

Stalking Prey

His breath was steady as he turned his car off. The waiting game was never as fun as the hunt. Dragging them in with a friendly smile and addictive laugh. He let out a small sigh as he leaned his seat back and stared motionlessly out the front windshield at the house. She was always late leaving in the morning, but today he was losing patience.

He let out another sigh, this time heavier and more agitated. He sat up and ran a hand through his dull black hair. He leaned forward and rested his chin on the steering wheel.

"Fucking annoying" He complained with a frown. After slamming his hand on the steering wheel, she finally came out the front door in a rush. A crooked smile came across his face as he watched her walk hastily down the tree lined sidewalk and turned the corner. He already knew her every move by heart, and he should know after months of careful surveillance.

After waiting a few minutes he started the car and traced her footsteps. Two blocks behind was perfect for watching her from a distance. She fit what he yearned for so perfectly, it as a shame he'd have to kill her. A ringing in his ear made him groan as the voice, no the monster, began to speak to him.

"Ya know, you keep missing your chance for us to play with her Sterling." The monster hissed to the man in the drivers seat. He let out a sigh and stayed quiet as he watched her cross the street and step onto the parking lot of her high school. The monster was right. If he kept watching, she'd notice eventually, and Sterling couldn't afford for that to happen. He needed to do this quickly and quietly.

He reached over to the passenger seat and grabbed a scratched and worn silver flip phone. He knew just who to call to get this done right. He hesitated before pressing the appropriate combination of numbers to get her on the phone. After a reluctant press of the button, he let it ring. The voice mail picked up and he groaned at the inconvenience.

"This is Shay. Leave a message" a raspy female voice spoke before the beep. He let out a long and breathy sigh into the receiver before speaking.

"It's Sterling. I found one. I need your help, don't fuck this up for me." His tone was agitated. If it was anything he hated more than waiting it was Shay. She claimed to be his girlfriend and her whole attitude put him in a bad mood. He kept her around for time s like this, because she would do anything she had to to make him happy. He despised the way Shay touched him, and it was at that point that he decided. He would kill her as well, but only after she helped him claim his prize.
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This is a rewrite of something I wrote like, five years ago. Hope you all enjoy. :)