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Opaque Innocence

The Abduction

Sterling sat in the same spot parked in front of the girls house. His black hoodie covered his hands as he rested them on the steering wheel and stared out blankly. He was there a little earlier than usual, and his heart raced with adrenaline and excitement.

Shay sat in the passenger seat next to him, her petite frame positioned sideways with her legs curled into her as she watched out the window silently, just how Sterling liked it. He glanced at her, her arm resting on the door frame holding her head up as her long dark hair draped itself around her shoulders from under a black hood.

"Whats the plan" she asked, her eyes still staring intently out of the fogged window.

"Get out when she does. Act nice, be her friend, put her to sleep. Then I take over" Sterling answered through gritted teeth. Shay sighed as she searched through the pocket of her black sweatshirt. She groan as she sat up herself upright and pulled a syringe filled with a familiar liquid out of the pocket and flicked it a few times before putting it back.

"Don't fuck this up." Sterling stared at her, his eyes filled with a hungry rage and a blank expression.

"Never do, kitten" she retorted as she opened the passenger side door and closed it carefully. Sitting on the hood of his car she watched the house and every so often glancing at the wet pavement. Sterling sighed as he watched Shay get up and begin walking, her dark hair blowing in the cool wind.

Then, he saw her. Rushing out of the front door as usual, he kept his eyes locked on her. She was beautiful, her mousy brown hair falling to the middle of her back. Her body was small, just how he liked it, and though he'd only gotten a glance of her eyes up close, even they made his body shiver with the familiar hunger he had been dying to feed.

He watched as Shay approached her, and the girl seemed to be accepting of her, the strange girl she had never met as she kept in step with Shay. She took her time, keeping her composure as she let the girl lead the way.

Sterlings heart was pumping in his ears, drowning out the sounds around him. He watched as Shay and the girl turned the corner, and Shay glanced towards the car and gave him a smirk. He growled as he waited a moment before starting his cars. He followed the normal pattern, passing the same buildings he always did when he was watching her, but the girls where nowhere to be seen.

He smiled as he watched his plan fall in place right before his eyes. He pulled into a parking lot sandwiched between two large buildings, vacant and perfect. He was hidden in plain sight where no one ever bothered to look.

He leaned the seat back and waited. A smirk spread across his face when he glanced up at the open doorway to see Shay stand there, her back against the wall waiting for him with her arms crossed over her chest. Sterling opened his door and slammed it closed as he walked right passed her.

"She's in there. Cassie. Senior. Now, what do I get out of helping you?" Her voice echoed as she followed him, her gaze piercing into his back as he focused on his prize. Cassie, the girl he had been watching for so long lay limp on the ground in front of him. A crooked smile danced across his lips as he grabbed her. Shay rolled her eyes as he put the girl, Cassie, over his shoulder and made his way back to the door they had both entered.

"You go out first. Make sure it's clear. Open the back doors" Sterling huffed as he stood in the shadows, being careful not to be seen just in case. Shay glared at him and walked out of the doorway. After a few minutes, the carn horn made an abrupt barking sound. Sterling growled as he exited the building and hurried over to the open back door on the drives side. He hurried to put Cassie in, careful not to hurt her, not yet.

Shay glared out of the passenger side window as he got in the car and slammed is his door closed. She stayed silent, huffing and sighing every so often, but Sterling ignored her. He was on a mission to get home. He wanted some alone time with Cassie.