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Opaque Innocence


Her heart was racing, vision blurred as she tried to take in her surroundings. Her groggy weakened body refused to move as tears fell from her eyes. A shadow in the corner of the room neared her. She let out a shrill whimper and clenched her crying eyes closed as she waited for the shadow that was coming for her.

Her thoughts race a million miles a minute as she tried to struggle against his firm grip on her forearm. His hands were were rough and menacing as his fingers tightened their grip. She opened her mouth, letting out a cry as he dug his nails into the underside of her arm, a burning sensation leaving her entire body uncomfortable.

"Why?" She moaned through tears, her voice thick with fear of the unknown. A chuckle radiated form his chest and out of his mouth. His plan had worked. He lifted a hand to her face and gently wiped a tear off of her face. She winced under his touch, and he put a finger to her mouth to sush her.

A lump was caught in her throat as his hands grazed the smooth skin on her face. His hand laid still and loosely clung to neck. She kept herself as still as possible and took in a deep breath through her nose. She opened her eyes, his dark ones staring at her like a hungry beast. His body leaned over hers causing his long dark hair to fall down around his pale face.

A smirk danced across his lips, igniting a fire in his blackened eyes. He tightened is grip around her neck, causing her to gasp for air. He let out a light laugh and lifted his hand away from her neck, and she stared back at him form the metal table she was strapped on top of. He quickly turned his back to her, his hands rummaging through a table filled with different instruments atop the table next to her bedside.

He turned around slowly with a grin on his face revealing a syringe filled with the same liquid he had used to bring her to him. She let out a shrill cry, her words inaudible as she tried to beg ad plea through the tears. He put his hands on top of her mouth and plunged the needle deep into her arm.

"Shut up and sleep" he snarled as he released the drug into her body. Her eyes began to get heavy as she tried to fight the drowsiness that was beginning to consume her. He waited a few moments, watching her struggle before succumbing to sleep before he ascended to dark staircase.
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