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Dark Waters

Sigrid has been in the Dark Brotherhood her whole life. After a life-changing event, she finds out she’s not really Sigrid, leaving the Brotherhood in emotional turmoil and on the path to avenge what she’s lost.

Vitrin is a bosmer who grew up as a Stormcloak, with Ulfric as a father-like figure. After what has been kept from her for so long has been revealed, and she loses those closest to her, she begins to slaughter nearly everybody in her path, before she is saved.

These two have barely intertwining paths, but have one common goal: vengeance. As they reap death to those deserving, they lose people, and they conquer more. They show the world that two small beings from Skyrim can change the course of the future using just a blade. As Vitrin and Sigrid delve into their journies, they experience love, lust, pain, lost, fear, and hate. They shed more blood than either of them can bare to see.

Can they survive to a prosperous end?

Disclaimer; Neither Saleigh nor Shannon own or had anything to do with the making/owning/servicing of The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim. Some of these characters are based off of actual characters in the game, while some are made up. Some of the quests correlate with the quests of the actual game, while the main plot has been conjured from our brains.

Have a fun ride.

You’ve been warned.