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Simple Gestures


Millie sat one her window seal, her phone unlocked on her lap exposing a cute picture of One Direction’s Liam Payne and her smiling widely. The shot had been taken when the two of them had been on holiday in Australia. The two had gone over to spend Christmas with her family. It had been a six week holiday, sure there had been cameras but for most of the time Millie’s parents had taken the two lovers to several secret spots where they knew no cameras could get to them. Surprisingly enough those days the two hadn’t been rudely interrupted but the bright flashes of paparazzi cameras or invading questions from interviewers.

However as always, all good things must come to an end and the two had to leave Australia and return to London.

Millie returned to constant publicity, no privacy. Lonely nights as Liam attended band meetings, or smiles in front of a camera at interviews about their upcoming album.
Sighing the young woman got to her feet as she watched another car drive past her house, running her fingers through her brown hair she grabbed her phone checking the time.


Pushing her phone into her pocket walked out of her bedroom heading down to the kitchen. Seeing as she had done everything earlier today she decided to clean the kitchen, it would help the time passed and keep her mind off of Liam.

Grabbing the oven cleaner she slipped on a pair of plastic gloves before pulling the door open and beginning to scrub the already reasonably clean oven.


Hours passed and she had cleaned the oven, the sink, the bench tops, she had even swept and mopped the floors. Pulling the now filthy gloves from her hands she looked up at the clock mounted on the wall.

12:30am. Sighing she chucked the plastic gloves in the bin before scribbling out a note for Liam. Heading upstairs to her room she pulled her shirt over her head and kicked her shoes off as she entered her room before walking into add in bathroom. Starting the water up she slipped out of the rest of her clothes pulling her hair from it’s ponytail before stepping under the steaming water allowing it to spray over her.

Millie was too lost in her thoughts to hear the front door of her home close, the clatter of keys on the kitchen table and a heavy masculine sigh. The young woman didn’t even hear the heavy footsteps up the stairs as Liam walked into their room. It wasn’t until she heard the bathroom door being pulled open that she abruptly snapped out of her thoughts. Turning her head she saw Liam enter a small smile spread across his face.

“Hey,” she greeted smiling warmly at her boyfriend.

“Sorry I’m so late,” he apologised as he wrapped his arms around her hips from behind, bending his neck he pressed a gentle kiss to her shoulder before placing one on the side of her neck.

“How did it all go?”

“I’ll tell you tomorrow, when we both have the energy.” he chuckled lightly. Earning a smile from Millie. The two stood in silence, the only sound was the splashing of water on the tiles. Both were tired, Liam physically from his hectic day racing around whereas Millie was mentally exhausted from trying to keep her thoughts from wondering when Liam would be home again.

Once the water turned cold Liam unwound his arms to turn the tap off, the two stepped out Millie wrapped a towel around her body turning her head she couldn’t help the blush that spread across her face as Liam’s eyes trailed over her body.

“Here,” she smiled chucking a towel at him before walking out of the bathroom. Slipping into a fresh pair of panties she pulled one of Liam’s shirts over her body as she towelled her hair dry. Turning she watched as Liam walked out of the bathroom his towel hanging dangerously low on his hips.

“Tease,” she muttered, when Liam shot her a playful wink she rolled her eyes continuing to dry her hair. Out of the corner of her eyes she saw the towel drop and she couldn’t help but stare at his body in all its glory, his broad shoulders that rippled with movement as he pulled his drawer open, as her eyes continued to trail down his body her teeth caught her bottom lips between them. The dimples in his lower back, the curve of his now naked bum, his toned thighs and muscled calves.

“You quite right?” Millie’s dark eyes snapped up to lock with the singers and she simply nodded her head.

“Right as rain babe,” she stated playfully before getting to her feet and walking into the bathroom to hang her towel up. Looking at her reflection in the mirror briefly she noticed the dark rings beginning to form under her eyes. Sighing she grabbed her brush before pulling it through her tangled locks, once finished she walked out only to find Liam sitting on the side of the bed in a pair of Calvin Kline boxer briefs.

“Babe,” he gently patted the spot in front of him she saw the hair tie around his wrist. “Come on I’ll do your hair for you.” Millie knew that Liam would never admit it but he enjoyed braiding her hair every night before the two went to bed.

Smiling she sat down in front of him smiling when he began to braid her brown strands.

Liam was a man of simple gestures, he was never one to be overly flashy and that’s what Millie loved about him. It was simple gestures like a kiss on the cheek, a simple rose and being serenaded at three am from her bedroom window that made Millie fall even more in love with the world famous pop star. A male that showered her with gifts and affection. But her favourite gesture was when he simply laced his fingers with hers.

“There,” the brown haired woman could hear the smile in his voice as he completed his task.

“Thanks Liam,” she turned smiling back at him. The brown eyed singer smiled at her before leaning forward and capturing her lips with his in a smooth gentle kiss.

“Come on, I have tomorrow off… and we’re going to do something big.” curious as to what Millie was about to ask what but Liam cut her off. “You’ll find out tomorrow.” Rolling her eyes she crawled over to her side of the bed before climbing underneath the blankets. She was still trying to get comfortable when she felt Liams’ arm wrap around her and draw her close, one of his large hands finding hers lacing their fingers together.

“Goodnight Millie.”

“Goodnight Liam.” the two lovers fell asleep in each others embrace both smiling in content.
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