Status: Started writing this on a whim.. So if it sucks, plz cut me some slack. :)

Don't Let Me Down

To Evalyn, turning 21 was not a big thing.
She wasn't a drinker nor a gambler...(even though she could rob you blind in a game of poker, Thanks to her uncle Marty.)
So by definition, Evalyn was not a 'party' girl.

All she wanted to do for her birthday was see her twin brother, visit her mom, buy a good book, and go home.

But when her friends and roommate heard her plans for her birthday, they took it upon themselves to make it a birthday she would never - EVER - forget.

And they succeeded.

Now 25, Evalyn has her hands full with a full time job and her 4 year old daughter Jo.
Her angel with blue eyes.

Her angel who's starting to ask questions about her dad...
And now Evalyn's contemplating on just telling her who he is.

But what would happen if her daughter shouted to the world that Benedict Cumberbatch was her father?

They would believe her of course...
One look into her fathers brand of blue eyes, and they would know - without a doubt - she was his.
  1. Prologue
    ~ 2010 ~
  2. August 18, 2015
    Im alive.