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The war was over, Peace had begun, but for George Weasley something was missing. No, not his brother, thank Merlin, for somehow they managed to avoid that fiasco. His ear perhaps? No, that was too cliche for his liking. Something else..
Something new, Something deeper.
But.. Who would have guessed what he'd find would have been right in front of him all along.
In the lifeless eyes of the dead corps he'd managed to stumble over before breakfast.
  1. Getting Away With ***
    The intro in which anything is gruesomely possible.
  2. Sweater Weather
    The one with the sweater weather.
  3. Nocturn
    The beginning. Of what? Well, you will have to look very, very closely.
  4. Dark Horse
    The one with Fred's turn, but who's fault is it really?
  5. The Bird And The Worm
    Of birds and worms, but they can fix this... Right?