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Half vampire/half humans are the third worse thing that could possible happen in the vampire communities eyes. The second is a child conceived by two non mated vampires. The first is a child conceived by a human woman and a vampire man whom are not mated, which just so happens to be what Nicolai Kozar is.

Nicolai Kozar is 17, she has had a rough life and doesn't like most people especially vampires, she has horrible anger issues and she's really scared of it because of her father, she has a ciggarete addiction, has long black hair, has one vibrant green eye and one grey eye

Italics mean they are speaking in Russian

I will have Nicolai's outfits linked in the authors notes every chapter but it's not really important haha
  1. Introduction
  2. Undead Ahead
    Title credit to Motionless In White
  3. The Seventh Circle
    Title credit to Motionless In White
  4. Dead Or Alive
    Title credit to Get Scared
  5. Sick From The Melt
  6. Far Too Young To Die
    Title credit to Panic! At The Disco
  7. Call Me
    Title credit to Blondie