Shades of Gray

Whoever said that change is the only constant was right. While going away for a few years to college, life in Queens changed for Alison's friend Gabriel. Turning from a meek humble boy into a serial killer, Gabriel Gray, now known as Sylar, is on a path of destruction. When Alison first returns, it seems as if everything is okay, but the longer the two are reunited, the faster the threads of fate are unwoven.
  1. Finding Home
    Alison is back in town.
  2. Matter of Time
    Alison and Gabriel's first moments of being reuinited.
  3. Nothing But A Point of View
    More interaction between the two. In third person POV this time.
  4. Mistakes We Knew We Were Making
    Alison and Gabriel catch up some, and it's decided that Alison will be staying over with him.
  5. Writing On The Walls
    Things start to become a little complicated for Gabriel.
  6. This Place is Painted Red
    Alison goes to visit her mother, and Sylar has already begun his hunt.