Harry Potter Starring in My Chemical Romance

The Tour Begins

The Tour begins

Ray’s P.O.V

After a day of being in London I was already bored. It was only because i didn’t like the weather, but still it was a good enough excuse!!
Yesterday, after Fred had questioned us on what it was like to be famous he decided that he needed to ask us some more useful questions.
“ What are your name’s?” that was his first question.
“ Gerard”
“ Mikey”
“ Frank”
“ Bob”
“ Ray” I answered last as I was trying to answer but everyone else kept butting in front of me.
“ So there’s Gerard with the black hair, Mikey with black hair, that look nearly the same as Gerard, Frank with black hair, fucking hell I am fed up with black hair, Bob with the fucking brightest hair I’ve ever seen, GOD that’s a change, and Ray with the biggest bloody afro in the world.” If this is how Fred was going to remember us it might not work.
Any way today we are going to begin this “amazing” tour.
“ FUCK!!” shouted Gerard, he got up from the bed and started to run around like a freak!
“ What?” Mikey asked
“ I left my shiny master piece at home”
“ You are such a retard,” I said.
“ Today I will show you around Diagon Alley!!” Fred tried to shout over all of us lot talking to each other!