Harry Potter Starring in My Chemical Romance

Learning about Fred

Mikey’s P.O.V

We got in to another cab, after Gerard and my talk about something shiny or something (I give up listening when Gee starts blabbing on!) to go to Diagon Alley. It sounded a weird place I thought so I was shocked when we turned up at a pub, but relieved in a way. We went in to the pub, all thinking this will be a fun day, but then found out that was called the Leaky Cauldron and we weren’t going to stay there.
When we got in we all went over to the bar, but Fred called out
“ Were not staying here were going to Diagon Ally, not The Leaky Cauldron”
“ But I wanted to stay at the pub!!” it had to be my brother being the weird one, non of the rest of us minded that much!
We walked through the pub, through a door leading out side; we stopped outside the door, as there was just a wall there! By the look on all our faces we were all thinking the same thing, what are we doing here, there is no way out apart from back through the door.
“ This might shock you all a bit, but it will make more sense when we get to Diagon Alley,” Fred explained to us, non of us really believed him though, I already thought he was weird but it made it ten times worse when he picked up a random stick hit a few bricks on the wall and the wall opened up. We walked through the arch and… well…it was like being in a different country all together!! While everyone else was amazed at the sight of Diagon Alley, I was there starring at Fred, because he had just opened a wall with a stick!!! He saw me looking at him and laughed.
“ What’s wrong Fred?” I asked
“ It’s you, your starring at me because I opened the wall with a stick aren’t you?”
“ Yes, can you show me how to do that?”
“ I’m afraid not, I guess I forgot to tell you that I’m a wizard!”
“ What did you say about wizards?” Bob asked
“ Fred’s a wizard” Gee had obviously been listening
“ REALLY!!! Can you magic me some Skittles?” Frank asked, we all laughed.

Franks P.O.V

Everyone started laughing when I asked for some skittles they all thought it was funny, I thought I was asking a very good question!!
We carried on walking down the long road of Diagon Alley. Everybody we were walking past were wearing robes. Then there was us in the middle of the street wearing our normal sort of clothes! Everyone was looking at us, the dirty perves!! We were going past loads of wizard shops, and then we came to a sweet shop!
“ Can I get some Skittles here then? Since you wont get them for me” I asked and starred at Fred!
“ Come over here you guys I wont you to meet someone” Fred looked at us and gave us all a look saying come here or else.
“ These are my brothers, George, Percy, Ron, Charlie, and my sister Ginny, these are Ron’s friends Harry and Hermione.” Fred introduced us to them and then made a big mess up when telling them who we were.
“ Ok I have to try and get this right…umm…this is Gerard, Frank, Mikey, Bob, Ray! I think I got it right!” he looked at us. When he said Gerard he pointed at Mikey, for MY name he pointed at Bob, for Mikey’s name he pointed at me, for Bob he pointed at Ray and for Ray he pointed at me!
“Ray,” in turn we all said our own name
“ Yeah you got that right did you! Haha!!” The identical of Fred said, which I think was George but not sure!
We went in to a little shop and sat down, I thought it was for food but not sure!