Status: One-shot for ManEater's "Boys Will be Boys" writing contest.

The Indians of Bending Creek

Short story - entry to ManEater's "Boys Will Be Boys" writing contest.

My name is Jay Scarentho - Jascer because nobody can pronounce Scarentho, and I don't expect them to try very hard. I mean, come on - what kind of parent would curse a child with a moniker like that? Mine, apparently.
Bending Creek Preparatory School. The last place a native New Yorker like myself expected to end up for the next two years. Two years, that is, if I can last that long without being expelled. Northern Canada, middle of the woods, terrible school, and two very new, very wicked best friends who seem bent on getting all three of us expelled.
Yeah, this was going to be just great.

NOTE: Contains some scenes of varying sexual description, extreme violence, and covers some material involving mental disorders and struggles. May not be appropriate for readers under 13 - or for those struggling with recovery. Trigger warnings not covered.

Work in Progress.
  1. Initiation
    Jay arrives at Bending Creek.
  2. Smoke Born
    Jay meets his new roommate.
  3. Stalker Guy
    Jay finally meets the mystery blonde.
  4. Buried
    Jay learns the origins of Bending Creek.
  5. First Dance
    Jay decides on a plan of action.
  6. The Heist
    Jay and crew pull off their first offensive! ... Kind of.
  7. The Meek Shall Inherit
    Told from a different viewpoint - that of Kelly Levitta.
  8. N-oh, Homo...
    Jay instigated an argument and a discovery.
  9. Impact Point
    Jay confronts Anne about Jack's confession.