Pretty Girls and Whiskey.

Chapter Two.

Azalea's POV.

I awoke with a jolt, my forehead was drenched as I sat upright,my heart beating erratically in my chest as I gasped for breath. Suddenly, the light flashed on and I had to block my eyes from the overbearing white light it produced. I felt a giant hand on my back and realised I was shaking heavily.

"Hey sweetheart, its okay. Drink this." A deep voice said and I smiled slightly, taking the glass of water out of his hands and taking a large gulp. I looked towards him and saw he was a greying man, probably in his late fifties, easily going on sixty. I smiled softly before murmuring a quiet thank you, which I'd be shocked if he heard. He sighed from beside me. "What happened to you out there, girl?" He asked and I felt the air being pushed out of my lungs as I thought about it.

"I-I'd rather not talk about it right now." I stated and he simply nodded in response.

"It's okay honey, just take your time." He said with a soft smile before getting up. "There's two people I'd like you to meet, I'll be one minute." He said before venturing off towards the stairs. I huddled my legs up to my chest and placed my head on my knees. I heard foot steps coming down the stairs not long after and saw two boys following behind the man I'd met a moment ago. The first one had long curly brown hair, he was wearing a long sleeved flannel shirt and a pair of dark jeans. He smiled softly at me. The boy after him had short hair, and piercing green eyes. He wore a grey t-shirt and an old worn leather jacket over the top, he also wore black jeans.

"Well, good morning sleeping beauty." The short haired one said with a smirk and all I could do was stare, did he think that was funny?

"Pardon my brothers manners, I'm Sam and this is my brother Dean." He said, sticking his hand out for me to shake.

"I would shake your hand but I'm a bit worse for wear at the moment. Is there possibly somewhere I could clean myself up?" I asked as politely as possible and the old man smiled.

"Of course, up the stairs and the first door on your left. Dean, go and get the girl some fresh clothes will you." He said and the one called Dean smiled before saluting and making his way up the stairs. I followed slowly after him, my muscles protesting with every step I took. But still, I carried on and eventually I made my way to the bathroom just as Dean was coming back. He handed me some clothes and I smiled warmly.

"I tried looking for girls clothes, but I couldn't find any so I'm afraid you're going to have to settle for mine. Don't worry their clean.." He rambled on and I simply smiled.

"Thank you, Dean." I said and turned, walking into the bathroom and locking the door behind me. I pulled the grimy clothing off my body and looked at myself in the mirror. I was beat up for sure. My body was covered in bruises, I had scratches on my back where the demons had grabbed me. I turned my head away sharply and started up the water of the shower, I waited until it was hot before throwing myself under the water. I sighed softly at the nice feeling before grabbing a sponge and lathering it in body wash, I scrubbed away the grime and watched it slowly flow down the drain. Once I'd gotten the last of the mud out of my hair I stepped out of the shower and wrapped a soft towel around my chest and one in my hair. I grabbed the clothes and put them on slowly, even though my muscles were protesting. Once I'd finished getting ready I took the towel from around my hair, happy that it was almost dry. I washed out my dirty hair band before wrapping it around my hair and putting it into a messy but at the back of my head. I looked at my reflection one last time before shrugging my shoulders and made my way out the door, I walked down the stairs once again to see everyone on the couch, talking quietly. All their heads turned when they heard my footsteps hit the floor and they all flashed smiles my way. I smiled wearily as I walked over to the three. I took a seat beside the older man and pulled my knees up onto the sofa, placing them underneath me.

"You look better already. I'm Bobby, and I'm the owner of this heap of shit. What's your name?" He asked.

"I'm Azalea, but you can call me Lea. And I already know who you are, I just didn't know it was you. My mother and father used to come by this place all the time when I was a child. They said if anything ever happened to come straight here to you, that you'd know what to do." I stated and he smiled softly.

"Little Azalea, god. I haven't seen you since you were this big." He said and put a hand up to about his waist. "But you live all the way across town, how the hell did you get here without a car?" He asked, worry etching his tone.

"I ran, I honestly ran as fast as my legs could take me. I don't know how, but I just knew where to go. I guess I remembered from all those years ago." I shrugged and he sighed softly.

"I'm guessing.. You're mother and father?" He asked gently and I nodded as the tears started to well up in my eyes. He groaned as he pulled me into his arms. I cried into his chest softly, my arms wrapped around him tightly. He pulled away from him moments later, a small smile on my face as tears still spilled down my face.

"How about I get you a drink, huh? What's your poison?" Dean brought me out of my tear stained trance and I smiled at him.

"Get us a whiskey." I said and he shot me a heart warming smirk.

"Now, that's my kind of girl." He stated with a chuckled and I rolled my eyes as I giggled.

"Is he always like that?" I asked with a chuckle and Bobby and Sam smiled.

"Yup, better get used to it, kiddo. Looks like you'll be here for a while." He said with a smile before getting up. "You want anything to eat? Gotta tell you, I make a mean slice of toast." He said with a smile and I rolled my eyes looking at the time.

"It's like six in the afternoon Bobby, It's dinner time. I'll make something." I said before getting up off the couch. He shrugged before putting his feet up on the coffee table, drinking the rest of the beer in his hand. I walked into the kitchen and over to the cupboards, pulling out what little I could.

"Bobby, do you actually own any edible food?" I asked in disbelief and I heard Dean chuckle as he came over to me, placing the clear glass filled with amber liquid down next to me.

"Bobby? No, he doesn't do home cooked meals." He chuckled and I rolled my eyes as I grabbed all the ingredients I could find.

"You up for pizza?" I asked and he raised an eyebrow as he nodded.

"Sure, you know how to make one from scratch?" He asked curiously and I nodded.

"I worked at a pizza joint one year, I needed some money and I learned how to make pizza in the process, so I guess it wasn't all for nothing." I said with a soft smile and he chuckled softly as he turned around and walked back towards the living room to the other boys, leaving me to do my thing. Around an hour later the pizza's were done and I was plating them onto the table as the boys came barrelling in, sitting down at their designated seats instantly. I smiled softly before handing out the plates and telling them all to dig in. Dean moaned softly as he took his first bite and I laughed.

"Dude, it's just pizza." I said with a laugh as I took my first bite, I took back my words. "Never mind, I'm amazing." I smiled and everyone laughed softly. I hated to admit it, but it was already like I had a family again.