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Don't Write Me Off

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......For the last twenty minutes, I sat indian style in the middle of my queen-sized, haven't-been-slept-in-for-so-long bed and stared at the small stack of personalized envelopes resting next to my feet. The large two-story limestone house was now empty and the only noise humming from every room was the air conditioner. My fingers rapidly drummed against the top envelope while my mind debated on whether to personally deliver the invitations, or mail them and prolong the eventual confrontation.

My parents were the only ones at home upon arrival and I was hesitant at first to hand them an invitation. Although they had expressed their happiness and best wishes to Zack and I when we got engaged, there was a part of me that sensed they were holding back what they truly wanted to say. Nonetheless, my parents were out the door with vibrant smiles and dad said he'd be treating the family to dinner after work, while mom was giddish about having something to talk about with her friends at lunch. Cassie was at her microeconomics class and Trevor was hanging out with friends, which many of them happen to be my friends as well. I knew exactly what their feelings were about Zack so I wasn't looking forward to encountering them later tonight.

The large, round cut diamond resting on my ring finger caught my attention and I couldn't help but smile from ear to ear. I met Zack the second semester of our senior year in the tutoring lab. English wasn't exactly my forte and I had waited until the last possible minute to take my last English class needed to complete my Bachelor. Zack, who excelled in the subject, was one of the many student tutors available and well, let's just say he knew how to work the english language to his advantage.

Suddenly, the doorbell rang and I looked expectantly down the hallway, completely forgetting that no one else was home to answer it. Then I stood up from the bed and once again stared at the invitations with much consideration. A second ring echoed throughout the house and I bit my lip, shoving all but one of the invitations in my desk drawer. I slipped the one in hand into my back pocket, pulled my shirt over it, jogged the down the stairs, and peered through the peephole. Taking in a sharp breath, I bravely unlocked the door and swung it back.

Her brown eyes bugged out of their sockets as a toothless grin immediately stretched across her face. Lunging forward and wrapping her arms tight around my neck, she squealed, "You're really back!"

"Yes I am," I stiffly chuckled as we pulled apart and briefly studied one another. "Long time no see, Milla."

"I'll say! What's it been, three years?" she asked, kicking the door shut and leading the way to the living room. "And how is it possible that you're even prettier now than you were before?"

A blush crept up my neck as I gave a modest shrug and examined myself. Aside from the new hair color and wardrobe upgrade (thanks to Zack), I was still the same ole Lexie from before. Oh, and maybe the girls did get a littler more milk in them over the years.

I laughed inwardly at the fact that the first thing she did was raid my fridge. This girl hasn't changed one bit. "Not nearly as pretty as you are. I bet all the boys are still chasing after you."

She threw me a playful smug and twirled a lock of her dark brown hair. "Well, I don't want to toot my own horn but..."

I rolled my eyes with a smile and leaned against the back of the sofa.

Closing the fridge, Milla situated herself at the island with leftover supreme pizza. "I totally didn't believe your parents when they said you were finally moving home. What brought you back to Tempe?"

I bit my lip and nervously tapped my fingers against the white leather, unsure as to why I couldn't just come out and say it. Milla was my best friend and I knew she would be happy for me, no matter who I ended up with.


Grabbing the envelope from my pocket, I slowly approached the opposite side of the island and handed it to her.

She stared at it for about five seconds before holding it up against her ear with a nervous demeanor. "Is this what I think it is?"

I bit my lower lip and timidly nodded.

"Oh my god! Lexie!" she gasped, engulfing me in another firm embrace. "Congratulations!"

A wave of relief crashed onto me as I thanked her and hugged her back.

"So it's real," she stated, pulling away and holding my hands in hers. "You're actually getting married."

Another blush engulfed my face as I nodded my head furiously and gushed, "I know! I can't believe it's happening either."

The wide smile on her glowing face quickly melted into a frown full of concern. "And the guys? Do they know yet?"

I slowly shook my head as the corners of my mouth began to fall. The only people who knew of my engagement were her, my family, and my friends back in Austin. I wasn't about to let my estranged Tempe friends find out through social media.

"And John?"

I briefly stared at her and sighed deeply. "I'm ready to return his ring."
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