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To Caress My Day

Chapter 1: Something Was Missing

Finally! After three hours of Google searches, YouTube videos, and fighting with his perfectionist urges, the two dozen peach roses were arranged to perfection. Seth had finally convinced his girlfriend Avery Jenkins to stay with him in London for a vacation. It’s rare for Seth MacFarlane (the creator of multiple successful animated TV series and several movies, as well as being an actor and voicing characters from time to time) to take a break from his busy and successful career. This wasn't the first time he took a vacation with a woman, but this was the first time that he took one with a woman he was in love with. This vacation was meant for the both of them to unwind, relax and enjoy each other’s company with no interruptions.

Avery Jenkins was a beautiful woman in her early thirties, living a wealthy occupied career of a fashion designer. Most recently, a diligent president of her very own company. She and Seth had met four years ago at a charity fashion show that he was dragged to by his younger sister. What made Seth interesting to Avery’s taste, was his ability to keep her laughing. Seth was just smitten by the sound of her laughter, her driving passion for her occupation, and how well their personalities forged together so perfectly.

Seth turned around and retraced his steps to the front door, checking off his mental list on what he spent all day preparing for his girlfriend, Avery. Rose petals and a few small vanilla scented candles would lead Avery to the dining room where the table was set with a silk while table cloth, peach rose petals sprinkled around their simple dinner, champagne in expensive wine glasses, and their polished eating utensils. Perfect, absolutely perfect for the Avery, his greatest love. Seth leaned over to light the two small candles on the table before quickly checking out how he looked in the mirror. His short black hair was brushed to the side, his maroon shirt wasn’t buttoned up clumsily like their first date (which was embarrassing) and his simple khakis were zipped up, unlike their second date (also embarrassing).

Seth smiled and gave himself a seductive wink in the mirror, “Looking sexy, Seth.”

Suddenly, Seth heard the front door close, giving him enough time to grab a white rose from the peach colored bouquet on the dinner table before hiding in the kitchen, listening for the sound of her gasp of joy after seeing all his hard work.


Avery Jenkins let out an exhausted sigh as she entered her London mansion that she shared with her boyfriend, carrying her light pink wool jacket and her snakeskin briefcase filled with her upcoming charity fashion ball plans. Her light golden hair was fixed into a bun, and her face painted with her signature natural makeup look with pink pouty lips. Her work attire included a light pink draped front sleeveless top, a tight black pencil skirt, a black leather belt, a pair of suede pumps in the color Wild Rose, and diamond matching earring, necklace and bracelet set. Being a fashion designer meant you look good even when you weren’t feeling your best, such as the throbbing achiness she felt in her feet and back. Avery didn’t regret ever over-exerting herself when it came to her job because she was making an impossible dream into a reality that she could control. It felt great, it felt amazing, and it was truly a blessing.

As Avery stepped inside and kicked off her shoes, she let out a loud curse when she saw her stilettos make contact on a lit candle around a trail of candles that was placed on the linoleum in the foyer. The fashion designer quickly picked up the fallen candle, its scent of vanilla welcoming to her nose as she watched a small puddle start to solidify on her brand new floor. Avery sighed irritably as she looked around, noticing the dimming of lights, and the rose petals leading down the hall towards the dining room. Dragging herself towards the double door, Avery prepared herself for what she was sure was a romantic gesture on the other side of the door before opening it up. Naturally, any woman would flip out at an expensive dinner, flower bouquet, fine china and rich champagne, and soft romantic music that their man fixed up for them on a random day out of the year, but in this case she was completely drained from a day of running, shouting, ordering, fixing, and using every ounce of energy she had in her to get what needed to be done, DONE.

“Seth, get out from the kitchen already. I’ve seen everything.” Avery called impatiently, leaning against the doorway for her boyfriend to appear from the other side of the room where she knew he was hiding in hopes of surprising her.

Seth opened the door, a puzzled look on his face, “How did you know I was in here?”

Avery rolled her eyes “Honey, where else would you be? That’s the perfect place for you to see my exhilarated dance and rivers of tears from this surprise.”

“That’s funny, because that was supposed to be the results of this romantic set up that took all day to perfect, but it doesn’t seem to be the outcome of this night…bad day at work maybe?” Seth asked concerned, the white rose still in his hands. Surprisingly, he didn’t seem upset in the slightest that the surprise didn’t turn out as he expected. No, his only concern was the fact that his girlfriend’s day was probably a weary one.

Avery turned around and headed back to the foyer, explaining to him behind her back that she was just totally pooped and that she needed to get some sleep because she was starting to get cranky and an incoming headache was heading her way. Seth followed close behind until she started climbing the stairs, his face reveal his worry for her and that her job ruined their evening.

“I’m sorry that you had that much pressure on you today. Do you think maybe a homemade dinner would make it all better? You can totally eat it in bed, in fact I can grab us a movie real quick and we can just move the dinner to the bedroom.” Seth offered, trying to hide his excitement at being able to have dinner in bed just like they use to do in the first few months of their relationship.

But Avery had different plans, “Not really hungry, but thanks anyway. What I would love is a cup of coffee tomorrow from my new favorite coffee shop in town when I wake up.” Avery pouted cutely, begging Seth to grant her wish. She didn’t have to try hard because Seth would have said yes anyway, despite the long drive to town.

“Anything you want, my love. Your coffee will be here and ready for you the second you open your eyes and to make it more special, I will be the one to go into town and pick it up for you.” Seth assure her, watching a tired smile spread across her face.

“Thank you so much, Seth. I’ll see you tomorrow, ok? I’m about to pass out.” Avery turned back around and headed up the rest of the stairs.

“Goodnight, honey. I love you.” Seth called after her retreating back, hoping she heard him.

“I know!” She called back, making him smile.

Seth headed to the kitchen and wrote a quick reminder on a sticky note to get coffee tomorrow before placing it on the fridge. Poor thing was in suspense as to what was going on one floor above him.


Upstairs, Avery was standing in the doorway of the bedroom of their new vacation home. It turned out this trip was planned a long time ago by Seth as a surprise to her. In secret he had this entire mansion built to her exact likeness, and had hire the most expensive and talented interior and exterior decorators in the country to decide everything that could be to her liking. She had never met these designers in her life, but somehow they got everything to perfection. Every nook and cranny in this house had stolen her heart…unlike the man who had made this dream house happen for her.


Avery let out a curse as she took the pins out of her hair, allowing the golden tresses to tumble down over her shoulder. Emotionally drained, Avery took a seat at the end of the bed, moaning in delight at how comfy it was to just SIT on their new bed. Running her hands over the peach colored sheets, guilt began to eat her up. Avery Jenkins didn’t deserve all this, nor did she deserve the man downstairs. Seth was an incredible guy, too good to be true, honestly. If you had his heart, he would give you anything possible, and that meant ANYTHING. One time, Avery made a joke that she wanted a giraffe for Valentine’s Day…guess what he did? Right, he got her giraffe! That was how much he loved her (even though she made him take it back), and still does. Seth has always been good to her, even when he had her heart. He’d go out of his way to never take her for granted, and he didn’t. All in all, he’s the perfect guy, but…something was missing. Not with Seth, but with her. As time passed, Avery changed, and no matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t get the old feelings back.

The successful designer leaned back onto the bed, pulling a pillow from above her underneath her head as her mind continued to linger. She loved Seth, and he was one of those addicting people you needed in your life. If she lost him, she’d be truly upset. Avery Jenkins loved Seth Macfarlane, but she was not in love with him anymore. That was the truth, and she had never revealed it to him. To be honest, Avery is too scared to try, because she didn’t want to risk losing his companionship.

Avery thought Seth would somehow figure it out on his own that she was more distant and begin to question it, but he never once gave her sign that he did. Either he knew and was in denial about it or…he sincerely had no clue. If that last one was the case, then Avery knew she would have to be the one to bring it up if she ever wished for him to know the truth. She just really didn’t want to have to be the one to do it. How do you tell someone you’ve been together with for four years that you’re no longer in love with them and somehow keep them a part of your life?
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