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To Caress My Day

Chapter 100: Pixie, It's Me.

The stranger’s eyes snapped towards Twig’s with a look of surprise in them at her rude loud action.

Struggling not to shout, Twigs took a deep breath as she addressed the stranger that decided to help himself to her boyfriend’s food and seat at their first ever date in California. “Excuse me, SIR, but this isn’t YOUR table, nor is that YOUR plate. Now, I’ll kindly ask YOU to LEAVE this booth before I call the manager and have you thrown out of here!”

Out of the blue, the stranger burst into laughter. Laughter. He clearly wasn’t the least bit intimated by her, or concerned about getting kicked out by the manager. This man literally threw his head back and LAUGHED at her!

Shocked, Twigs was 100% certain about two things going on here tonight. One, she’s never been this offended before. Two, that she was truly considering smacking his man across his stupid face. Glaring murderously at him, Twigs hands tightened into fists as she gritted her teeth. “AND WHAT THE HELL IS SO FUNNY!?”

The man held a finger up, signaling for her to give him a minute as he calmed his laughter down. When he finally did, he reached for Seth’s drink and took a swig of it before clearing his throat. Twigs was just about ready to smack the hell out of him and even had her hand in the air prepared to swing it when he opened his mouth and released the most beautiful heavenly sound she hadn’t heard since that morning. Seth’s voice. “Pixie, it’s me.”

Twigs flinched back in fear, her anger completely gone now. She no longer wanted to smack the hell out of this man, she no longer wanted to fight for the booth anymore, hell she no longer wanted to be anywhere near his presence. This stranger’s voice sounded exactly like her boyfriend! Exactly like it!

That wasn’t possible, and even if it was, even if he could do voices just like her talented boyfriend could, there was no way in hell he could have known that her boyfriend’s nickname for her was Pixie! No way! She didn’t go around telling people that kind of information, nor did Seth.

He couldn’t have overheard one their many conversations, and heard her nickname before, because they didn’t spend any time together in public at all…well, until tonight!

Feeling completely terrified of this creepy mind reading man, Twigs grabbed her purse and began to scoot herself out of the booth. “I’m going to find the manager!”

“No, wait! Pixie!” Before she could reach the end of the booth, the stranger’s hand shot out and grabbed ahold of her wrist, preventing her from escaping. She snapped her wide brown eyes to his, horrified that he had the audacity to put his hands on her. “It’s ME, Seth Woodbury Macfarlane, You know, the luckiest man in the world, because he has not only you, but your love to call his own?”

Letting out a small gasp from hearing this man speak her lover’s full name and of her love for him, Twigs tried to disguise her alarm with confusion instead. “Sir, I don’t know who you are talking about, but you need to take your hands off me as soon as possible, or I will scream, do you understand me? I will not ask you again!”

Letting out a defeated sigh, the man loosened his hold around her wrist to slide his fingers down to her hand where his thumb tenderly caressed the back of her hand. “Look, we met in a café in London across the sea. I was there on vacation and you have an apartment there with the land lord and lady’s daughter, Simone Battle. I fell in love with you at first sight, and after spending every second around you ogling your perfection like a love-struck boy, and having sex with you several times before we officially got together, we confessed our love to each other after you found my maid’s drunk daughter Rebecca trying to fall into bed with me one night.” His brown eyes stared deeply into hers. “C’mon, Pixie, you have to believe me now. Who else would know all that about us?”

“T-That’s impossible.” Twigs exclaimed, her eyes wide and frightful as she shook her head in denial. Her hand shook in his hold. “You can’t know all that unless…b-but you can’t be who you claim to be. You look nothing like him.”

“Yes, I can be. Let me show you.” Reluctantly letting go of her hand, the stranger reached into his pocket to pull out a similar phone to Seth’s and tapped it a few times before placing it face up in front of her. The photo was of a winking Seth sitting in a chair holding a thumbs up sign. He reached over to slide his finger across the screen to go to the next photo where some guy looked to be applying prosthetics on his face. As he continued to flip through she saw her sexy boyfriend turn into…the man now sitting next to her. “See?”

Twig’s wide eyes lifted to the face that was the opposite of her man. “Baby, are…are you really under there?”

The stranger chuckled. “Yeah, it’s me, Pixie. I meant it to be a surprise for you, I didn’t think it would scare you. I’m sorry, baby.”

Absolutely relieved, all the terror and anger Twigs was suffering with completely disappeared in a weak laugh as she reached out to touch his cheek. She could feel the prosthetics which helped to solidify to her that he was telling her the truth. “Oh my god, what is all that stuff on your face?”

“I’ll tell you what that stuff is.” Seth began with a grin as he reached out to take both of her hands in his and lifted them to his lips to shower them in kisses. “That stuff is a way for us to go out in public together without having to worry about the paparazzi chasing us down. We don’t have to stay cooped up in the house anymore.”

Bursting out into laughter, Twigs pulled her hands away to cover her mouth in awe and to muffle her laughter. After all the drama she’s been through in the last few minutes, she needed a good laugh. When she was calm she pulled her hands away from her mouth and slipped them back in his. “That’s a fucking genius idea, Seth! I can’t believe you thought of this, it was so convincing and foolproof…only…” She hesitated, watching his grin fall. “I can think of one downfall to this.”

“What is it, Pixie?” Seth asked her earnestly, his smile a distant memory. “What do you think is wrong with my plan?”

A sexy smile curved her lips and oozed in her voice as she whispered seductively to him. “I’m gonna miss being able to stare at that sexy face of yours.”

“You dirty little minx.” Seth’s face now turned into a sexy smile as he tugged on her hand, and spoke in a husky voice. “Come here.”

Twigs giggles as she scooted closer to Seth, or whoever he was meant to be disguised in. To anyone else it would look like a young woman was cozying up to a much older man, but Twigs knew she was cuddling up against the side of the man she loved. The fear, anger, and uncomfortable feelings she had been experiencing a few seconds ago were now replaced with love, and a comfortable knowledge that she was now in safe hands. Her paranoia and worry about this stranger who had been helping himself to her boyfriend’s meal and drink without any thought were completely gone as she lifted her lips to his and pursed them for a much needed kiss. When Seth leaned down to give in to her request and lay his lips upon hers she placed one of her hands on his knee and slid it up to his thigh and then up his the wall of his chest. The kiss was so long and deep Twigs didn’t care about who was walking by, or not. She had enjoyed it so much that when he broke the kiss she let out a whine from the loss of contact, and pulled him back down by his shirt close enough so she could whisper hotly against his lips. “Mmm, baby. I want you all over again.”

Seth couldn’t hide that her comment left him even more so aroused than he had been the moment he kissed her. He melted like putty beneath her burning needy little hand and let out a deep groan despite the staff members walking past them to enter the kitchen. “Then let’s get out of here, right now, and forget about this damn date.”

As tempting as that was, this special moment was truly a chance of a lifetime. She had never really been out with Seth…well, not in a long time. The first time hadn’t caused any publicity which was truly aweing, but then again Seth had assured her the owner of the restaurant fought hard to protect his customer’s privacy while they were in his restaurant. One would think that would have been the perfect place to spend all their dates at if they were a celebrity, and Twigs would have agreed had their customers not looked at her like she was some poor urchin off the street trying to join in their fancy clubs.

Plus, that restaurant was located in the UK across the very ocean she just came from. This place, here in California, was already a memorable place for her all because she was here with her boyfriend in public…well, he didn’t look like himself, but still. She didn’t want this night to be ruined just yet. It’s not every day they could go on a public date together. Twig’s hand pushed back on his chest as she let out a giggle, and looked up into his brown eyes. “I want to enjoy this night we have now that we can finally be out in public together as a couple.” She giggled again when Seth only pouted in response and leaned over to whisper to him. “Don’t worry, we won’t be long. I still plan on having dessert back at your place, as usual.”
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